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Early thaw… and flood

It’s been extremely warm (for February) the last couple of days, and suddenly we’ve gone from a foot of snow to green(ish) grass again! I feel euphoric, even though I know it’s too good to last, and we’re headed back to freezing temperatures again for the weekend. In the mean time, today was so nice […]

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My Back Yard (aka coming to life)

We had the wussiest winter I ever recall here in Ontario. Where my fellow Bloggers to the south in the US were getting dumped on and messed with by Mother Nature, she apparently forgot all about us here in Toronto! We got so little snow that not a single snowman made an appearance at our […]

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A sign of spring…

What a beautiful weekend! The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and all is right with the world. Wee One was tickled to be outside with just a light jacket, and able to swing in the sunshine. (We’re also tickled that her two bottom teeth are finally coming in!) Please, Mother Nature… let it […]

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