You know… that Blog?

The Monsters I have created

Oh it has been a busy, busy few weeks, let me tell you. No really, let me tell you. Back in March, I set up a blog for the Main Street-ers to collaborate on. They’d been hanging around here for a while at that point, submitting haiku faithfully every Wednesday, and generally doing it just […]

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Summer plans

First, happy 4th of July to my American friends! Hope you have a great day! J-B is traveling Ireland and Scotland for the entire month, and Main Street is on hiatus for a few weeks. Probably a good thing for us to take a break and have a chance to miss each other, right? Well, […]

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A great evening!

Just a quick update to our anniversary evening. We had a wonderful meal at a small Italian restaurant called Pasqualino’s – and when I say wonderful, I mean my eyes were rolling back in my head it was so good! Our waiter, Frank, took a decidedly unspectacular picture of us: We had a lot of […]

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