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Mosaic Monday

This is my submission for Mosaic Monday at Dear Little Red House. These were all taken yesterday (not with this in mind, either) as I experimented with some new macro filters. There are some lovely mosaics linked today! Go have a look! I took a couple hundred pictures yesterday, but here are a few that […]

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Guinea Pig Cake

Doodle Cakes has outdone herself yet again – check out the cake she designed for her daughter’s 12th birthday! (I modified to take her daughter’s name off the board, because that’s how I roll, folks…) Doodle’s daughter – whom shall henceforth be known as Doodlette – has 2 darling guinea pigs, and is an artist […]

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Cupcakes… little bundles of JOY

My teenager goes all weak-kneed when she sees pictures of cupcakes. She calls them “Beautiful little bundles of JOY!” I see calories first, then the beauty! I guess that’s my problem though. Today Saucy posted yet another awesome cupcake recipe creation, and by god, I’m going to try them! Only it’s Victoria Day and everything […]

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