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Cupcakes… little bundles of JOY

Written By: Jenn - May• 18•09

My teenager goes all weak-kneed when she sees pictures of cupcakes. She calls them “Beautiful little bundles of JOY!”

I see calories first, then the beauty! I guess that’s my problem though. Today Saucy posted yet another awesome cupcake recipe creation, and by god, I’m going to try them! Only it’s Victoria Day and everything is closed… so I have to wait. Trouble is; I happen to also have a friend (Natalie) who is a cake/cupcake guru, and she is always offering to bring me some. Plus she has cake testing parties, where she and her friend Cheryl (another cake guru) have a table laden with the most amazing cakes for testing and critique, and then they draw names to send a few lucky tasters home with their own amazing cakes. *sigh* there I go, drooling again… but seriously, my waistline can’t cope with all that sugar!!

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