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Yesterday was a long, long day. Wee One and I arrived at ShaMoo’s for babysitting duty in the early AM, because her youngest son was due at Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital for a serious procedure that morning, and I offered to stay with Princess Little Bit. I won’t go in to the whole thing – […]

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of Friends and Farces

Recently I organized a fundraiser for our larger choral group, which took place last night. That I didn’t have a camera on me will forever have me mentally kicking myself!! I haven’t put together too many fundraisers before, all by my lonesome. Ok, I confess; this was the first one. The opportunity just hadn’t presented […]

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Liar McLiarpants!

This post will only make sense to a small handful of people, so please feel free to ignore. (heehee, I have so much fun, don’t I?) See, for a while now, I’ve been trying to get a certain someone to participate in the finer aspects of online life. Mostly Facebook, and, to some extent, this […]

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