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I’m all about…

…telling it like it is. Is that a good thing, I wonder? My family and friends certainly know where they stand with me, but sometimes I think maybe I’m too much of an open book. Is a little mystery a good thing? “Familiarity breeds contempt” crosses my mind. I’m pretty sure those closest to me […]

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Special: An Interview with… Main Street

This third installment of the “Interview With…” series is all about three of the most important people in my life; ShaMoo, J-B, and Knarf. Together, the four of us make up the group Main Street. L-R: Jenn (me), Knarf (Frank), J-B (John), and ShaMoo. Photography by Leah Kirin I’ve known these characters for about 5 […]

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For JennyMac, et al

Not quite a month ago, I wrote about something going a bit awry with our larger choral group. One of the Basses had decided to pull something rather nasty, which caused quite an uproar. (Things are better now, and we’re working on new material for our June concert.) When I mentioned that they’d be singing […]

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