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“Sam in my pants” Followup

Written By: Jenn - Aug• 18•14

Has anyone else noticed that the offensive “Sam in my Pants” commercials have been truncated to cut out the offensive dialogue? About damn time.

Kimberly Clark/Poise did the right thing, but frankly, it took them far too long to make the right decision, and I still don’t think they actually get it. I think they were simply bowing to public outcry.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s too little; too late, and they can forget ever getting my business… but at least we don’t have to worry about seeing that trash commercial anymore.

Well done, Ladies of Canada and the United States. Well done.


RIP Robin Williams

Written By: Jenn - Aug• 11•14


I have no words, except, perhaps “Shazbot“. Suicide is never the right way out, and today we lost a truly great man.

RIP Robin Williams.


But MOM!

Written By: Jenn - May• 13•14

“You’re not wearing that tomorrow. Put it back in the closet.”


“Stop calling me But Mom and find something else to wear.”

“What about…”

“No.” *Cue tears*

“I could wear this and this…”

“Wear that and something else, or that and something else, but not both of them together. You’re not going to clown school.” *more tears*

“What about this and this?”

“So… summer on the bottom, and dead of winter on the top? Come on, Kiddo.” *full blown crying*

“Ok, look. Let me find something, because it’s 45 minutes past your bed time, and I am losing my cool here. What about this…”

“Oh. Yeah. I like that. Ok, I have to go to bed now Mom.”

This was just a few highlights of my ordeal – it went on for 45 minutes. She’s not even 10 yet. I’ll be bald by the time she’s out of high school.