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“Sam in my pants” Followup

Written By: Jenn - Aug• 18•14

Has anyone else noticed that the offensive “Sam in my Pants” commercials have been truncated to cut out the offensive dialogue? About damn time.

Kimberly Clark/Poise did the right thing, but frankly, it took them far too long to make the right decision, and I still don’t think they actually get it. I think they were simply bowing to public outcry.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s too little; too late, and they can forget ever getting my business… but at least we don’t have to worry about seeing that trash commercial anymore.

Well done, Ladies of Canada and the United States. Well done.


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  1. Melissa B. says:

    I’ve taken to dvr-ing the evening news so that I can zoom through all the nastiness that’s aimed, I guess, at my age group. Dysfunction this, and leaky that, and how many times did you have to go in the last 10 minutes? I wonder if they sell a lot of that crapola to those of us held hostage by our TVs?

  2. Jenn says:

    I guess it must work to some degree if they keep doing it. I don’t watch that much TV, but I love HGTV and renovation shows, and these poise commercials were rampant in there for a while. Now it’s the abbreviated ones, and I still mute or ignore those. I don’t see the need to use smut to sell… is our society really so degenerated now that it works?