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So, hypothetically…

He whispered, “Sweetheart?” “Hrmnn..?” She moves a finger, and nothing else. For some reason, her eyes refuse to open. Damn dry eyes. “I’m going out to get an oil change and run some errands. Made the appointment for the new windshield for tomorrow too.” “…Mmmrhhhmmmmbye. ” He says nothing, but doesn’t leave. She sighs and […]

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Missed anniversary!

I can’t believe I completely forgot about my anniversary! No, not that one – this Blog’s 1st anniversary! It was May 16th – a whole week ago! Usually I’m very good about dates, and remembering things like that – I had intended to do a big splashy “Woohoo, lookie here” post, and now I’m just […]

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A vision of hell

So that was fun. Not. As most of you know, I underwent PRK Advanced Custom Wavefront laser eye surgery last Monday. Following that has been, in all honesty, the week from hell. A quick [simplified] lesson in the differences between Lasik and PRK surgeries: With Lasik, there is a flap of tissue lifted on your […]

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