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Well now, that was quite a week.

Last week was quite a week for my family. Well, mostly for the Teen and I. There was nothing truly monumental, but a series of little things that just kept adding up and made it one very memorable week indeed! First, the Teen got her G1 driver’s license. In Ontario they like to call things […]

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Things that bug me.

There are things in this world that bug me. Actually, there are also things that seriously annoy me, and things that drive me completely around the bend. Being the passionate lass that I am, there are fewer “bug me” than “around the bend” on my list, but that’s another story altogether. I digress. Alarm clocks. […]

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I’m not eating that.

I’m not eating that. Unless you’ve achieved Iron Chef status in your home’s kitchen (or live alone), you hear that more often than you’d like. (Here’s where you say “Yeah Jenn, you’re so right …and totally not alone in this which would mean you’re clearly a lousy cook!”) I’m not a bad cook, but I […]

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