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Well now, that was quite a week.

Written By: Jenn - May• 12•11

Last week was quite a week for my family. Well, mostly for the Teen and I.

There was nothing truly monumental, but a series of little things that just kept adding up and made it one very memorable week indeed!

First, the Teen got her G1 driver’s license. In Ontario they like to call things by silly names. Everywhere else, it’s called your “learner’s permit”. She was in no hurry to get it, clearly, since she’s almost 17! (I got mine when I was 14, and my license on my 16th birthday, for pete’s sake!)

Here she is wearing her boyfriend’s hoodie for good luck, and waiting to write her written test (which she aced, first time!)

I knew she’d pass the test with flying colours, and she did. Then came the scary as all get out fun part… actually driving!

Wednesday is cadets, which explains the uniform… I let her drive to pick up her BFF, and she’s parked in her driveway calling her to get her rear in gear. That girl is always making us wait. I had a video of her leaving our house, but of course I held my iphone the wrong way, and it’s sideways. Grrr. Anyone know how to rotate a video so it plays without making people strain themselves trying to watch it??

We picked up her BFF, and she drove all the way to the ship without getting us killed or damaged in any way (except emotionally)!

That evening, my cadet got quite a lovely shock – she was promoted to Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class (CPO2)! This was completely unexpected, and came after a great amount of upheaval within the corps. I won’t even go into that, but suffice it to say it was not pretty, was due to a CO who is most definitely not worth his salt (and is fortunately about to be relieved of command), and was bad enough to cause one long-time cadet to hand in her uniform and walk away. The Teen was the same rank as the departing cadet, and equally dedicated to their minions subordinate cadets. It was quite a shock for the whole corps.

On another note entirely, I don’t talk about it much, but we battle A.D.D. in our household, and have for a long time. At first, when the Teen started middle school and her grades started to slide down that slippery slope, we didn’t know what to call it, either. Ok, I suspected, but didn’t want to label it. I also swore I’d never put my kids on drugs. Well, a few months ago, faced with “un-good” grades, and given the stark fact that she has only a short time left in high school, we decided to seek help for the Teen. It was an easy testing process, and answered a lot of questions for us. We tried a series of drugs to help her focus (these are not the drugs they used to give kids way-back-when that turned them into zombies), and found one that works for her – now I wish we had done this years ago!! She brought home her first “A” in English with her last report card, and the difference it has made to her has been phenomenal. The drug, which is at a relatively low dosage, has had no side effects whatsoever except that she is now able to focus her attention on her teacher and her work. Not only that, but her frustration levels have plummeted, and she’s a much happier, relaxed young lady. What a difference!

The Teen also got called for 2 different job interviews this week! Exciting stuff. I love to see her becoming such a capable young adult. I’m so very proud of my kid!

Sunday was a big day for me; It was, of course, Mother’s Day, which was quiet but lovely. I was showered with flowers and cards by my family, and the Hubby cooked a lovely meal for both my mother and I.

I also received my latest in the series of guest posts I have every Monday. Sherry left it to the very last second because she knew I’d have an issue with her subject matter, and didn’t want me to have time to make her do something else!! She was always the biggest brat, and clearly she hasn’t changed a bit.

We also decided to book a vacation for our 20th anniversary (which is June 1st), and will be trying out a Sandals resort we’ve heard great things about. Can’t wait!!

Yep, it was a pretty great week for the Teen and I.

By the way, yesterday (Wednesday) marked the 98th week for Sensational Haiku Wednesday! Can you believe we’re coming up on our 100th anniversary in 2 weeks?? You have to know the theme will be anniversary related. Not only will it be the 100th anniversary for the meme, but my blog will shortly be 2 years old, of course the Hubby and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary, plus Main Street -albeit a bit the worse for wear at the moment – will celebrate it’s 2nd anniversary as well – all within a handful of days of each other!

Exciting times in these parts, folks! So glad you can all be a part of it! That said, even if you don’t generally haiku, I really hope that you participate for our 100th week anniversary. It’s a big one, and it would mean a lot to me. Thanks :)


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  1. Love this intimate portrait of your family. Your daughter looks like a sweet young woman. Brings back memories, not to long ago, when Laura was going for her learner’s permit (I’m assuming GI means what it meant in WWII, “government issue”). The look of pride on her face once she got “the real deal” was priceless. Thanks for this post, Jenn! Amy

  2. quilly says:

    Back in the day when I was a teen I had my driver’s license by age 14! Now people have better sense ….

    That was quite a day for your teen. Congrats on her promotion — and her learner’s permit.

  3. Madeleine says:

    Sorry I missed this week. Expect to be back to normal scheduling this week. Loved your haikus, as always. Make me chuckle at times. I guess you could say I’m addicted. :O)