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Missed anniversary!

Written By: Jenn - May• 23•10

I can’t believe I completely forgot about my anniversary! No, not that one – this Blog’s 1st anniversary! It was May 16th – a whole week ago!

Usually I’m very good about dates, and remembering things like that – I had intended to do a big splashy “Woohoo, lookie here” post, and now I’m just a lame duck, doing the V-8 head smack because I totally forgot about it.

Oh well.

In comparison to most of the blogs I follow, I’m still a babe in the woods! There will be many more anniversaries and milestones to celebrate.

Speaking of anniversaries, there are 2 rather important ones coming up in the next few weeks. First, my 19th wedding anniversary is on June 1st. Rememberlastyear? Probably not, since I only had 2 or 3 readers at the time! Anyway, I have no worries that 19 will be forgotten this year. He hasn’t mentioned it, but that isn’t unusual either. It won’t be romantic, but it will be celebrated.

The other anniversary is – forgive me, Hubby – more exciting! Main Street celebrates our first year together in blissful harmony on June 17th. How far we’ve come in the span of a year. From meeting in our kitchens and squeaking out the first uncertain notes as we got used to harmonizing with each other, to being hired for festivals and giving our own concerts. It has been the BEST. YEAR. EVER. We’re still not sure what we’re going to do for our anniversary, but we do know it will be spent together, raising a glass (or three) and celebrating the best friendships we’ve ever known.

June is going to be a great month!


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  1. Betty says:

    I´m so happy for you, that you have this group of people that you like so much. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby! Even if it won´t be romantic, at least he remembers. :)
    And happy blogiversary!! I´m glad I “found” your blog!
    .-= Betty´s last blog ..Six Word Saturday =-.

    • Jenn says:

      Thanks Betty! I’m glad we found each other! I enjoy reading your blog very much :)

  2. Broot says:

    Happy Anniversary!! And 19 years? I’m impressed. I’m only at 9 years myself. ;) Hey do you have any videos posted of Main Street anywhere? I’d love to hear you!!
    .-= Broot´s last blog ..Guest Blogger: The Bigger Thing =-.

  3. Melissa B. says:

    Felicidades! Mr. Fairway and I just celebrated a milestone, too. Just think of it this way…you’re not getting OLDER, you’re getting BETTER!!
    .-= Melissa B.´s last blog ..Pool Report =-.

  4. Thom says:

    Well congrats on making a year. You and I are very close as far as our blogs are concerned. I think mine is in February. I don’t keep track of that kind of stuff cuz I really don’t care about it. Ooo make sure you check my blog on the 1st :) And one year with you and Main Street. How cool. Excellent my friend. Your group as an excellent sound :) Have a great week ahead :)
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Monday Mayhem – #30 ~ Gimme Your Best Response =-.

  5. Broot says:

    Thanks for the links!! Went and had a listen – loved it. Left a comment on your FB page too. Now I’m thinking maybe I should do something similar here. I miss singing. Loved your Alto tone, btw – could hear you on that little bit in “Somewhere out there.” I usually sing alto/baritone myself. (Baritone when I’m doing barbershop, of course)
    .-= Broot´s last blog ..Guest Blogger: The Bigger Thing =-.

    • Jenn says:

      Thanks Broot! I actually had some throat issues when those were recorded, so my sound is (hopefully!) a little clearer these days. I’m not crazy about my part in some of those because of that, but oh well :)

  6. Tortuga says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I forgot mine too.
    .-= Tortuga´s last blog ..Monday Minute *snort* Edition =-.

  7. trouble says:

    I think you were too busy with your new toy to remember….
    Remember step 1 in conquering your addiction is admitting it hehe

  8. quilly says:

    Happy Anniversary, Jenn! Mine is in just a few days. I suppose I should mark the calendar, huh?
    .-= quilly´s last blog ..Microfiction Monday #32 =-.

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary, girlie!

    We are out for summer vacation! I hope to be around more…HOPE.


    BTW, I let my paid thingy on wordpress completely expire so now it looks utterly lame. Ah well…

  10. phd yogurtry says:

    Happy multi-versaries! We’ll be celebrating 19 this year, too. It sure doesn’t feel that long to me. Not by a long shot. You?