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What would you do?

If you found out you only had a year to live, but could live “normally” until your time came, what would you do? Not to worry, I haven’t had any news to that effect! I was just standing in my deep thinking spot (the shower) a little while ago, and started to think about that. […]

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Total burnout!

Oooooohhhhh I am so burned out. I have absolutely NOTHING to talk to you about, and if it weren’t for my Haiku group, I’d probably drop out of sight for the next while! I haven’t visited anyone, either, and I feel sucky about that too. Do you still love me?! Oh there I go, getting […]

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Ahh, that’s what it’s called…

I have a disorder. You all knew it, and we’ve spoken about it a few times over the last couple years. Some of you have it too. We just never slapped a label on it… until now. It’s called “Misophonia“. Follow that link if you’re interested; it’s long, but really fascinating! In a nutshell (whoah […]

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