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12 Things I want to Learn in 2012

To go along with yesterday’s post about what I learned in 2011, I thought I’d look ahead and make a list of what I’d like to learn this year. Since I’m going without first making that list, I sure hope I can come up with 12 things..! I want to learn… 1. To crochet. Moreover, […]

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11 things I learned in 2011

2011 wasn’t the greatest year for me, as we have discussed before. It wasn’t horrible for the most part, but I wasn’t unhappy to see it pass into history, either. I was thinking a little bit about the past year, and about the things that happened that changed things for me, for better or for […]

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You’re never *truly* alone…

That is, unless you want to be. I could not for the life of me get to sleep last night. I almost made it shortly after midnight, but something jerked my mind awake, and that was it for me. I laid there listening to the Hubby breathe for close to 2 hours before I gave […]

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