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Written By: Jenn - Sep• 09•11

I have a disorder. You all knew it, and we’ve spoken about it a few times over the last couple years. Some of you have it too. We just never slapped a label on it… until now.

It’s called “Misophonia“. Follow that link if you’re interested; it’s long, but really fascinating!

In a nutshell (whoah too close to home) a few words, Misophonia is translated literally as the “hatred of sound”. It is a disorder that has not yet been fully researched or clearly defined by the medical community. Some believe it to be a neurological condition, and others believe it to be a learned behaviour (psychological). Not enough study has been done to definitively give it a clear cause, so we’ll just call it a “disorder” and be done with it. It doesn’t really matter where it came from, anyway. Only that I have it!

So nice to have a name for it. Even nicer to know I can’t help it!

Naturally, I’ve always known that my reactions to gum chewing, and ill-mannered people who eat with their mouths open were a bit… over the top, you might say. The blinding rage, contempt, and instant nausea I feel when people make horrible mouth noises is almost debilitating. Perhaps this disorder was the basis for the development of good, civilized table manners? Makes sense to me.


Great cartoon from Matt @


Going to a movie and having bag-rustling popcorn munchers directly behind me is a nightmare. The Hubby gets stressed out the minute we sit down because of what I might do (loud sighing, giving the offending people “the eye”, or even turning and asking them – almost always politely mind you – if they would “PLEASE stop with the noise”). We haven’t been to an evening or weekend movie in eons – we have to go during the afternoon when we’re almost always the only people in the theatre, or we can at least put a dozen seats/rows between us and the next movie-goers.

The Hubby and I met up with some future neighbours of ours (we are both building homes in the same development) recently, and had an almost 2-hour coffee klatch. It’s notable for a few reasons – 1. Wee One was fantastic, and sat there quietly the entire time, playing Bubble Pop on my iPhone or just listening, 2. The guys are both not the most people-oriented (read: “does not play well with others”), and yet they hit it off and nattered on without a break the entire time like old friends, and 3. Jenn and I (yes, another Jenn) discovered that we are, essentially, the same person.

What this means, past the fact that once we’re living close to each other our husbands are screwed now that there’s 2 of us, is that our neighbors will either love us, or loathe us. If they’re loud, or allow their dogs to bark incessantly, they’re gonna loathe us, trust me.

This new friendship is kind of scary, actually. Jenn and I think the same way. When we arranged to meet, we showed up wearing the same salmon colour on top (not the same shirt though). We’re about the same height, essentially the same body type, and both have short dark hair. She’s younger than me, but past that we are the same person… right down to an intense hatred of people who eat with their mouths open.

Jenn… you have Misophonia too. Welcome to the club, my friend.


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  1. So, basically you’re annoyed by noise? Ruffled by rustling? Cringing at crinkling? That doesn’t sound too bad (pun totally intended).

    • Jenn says:

      That’s not you breathing, is it Bubba??? ;)

      You have no idea. My poor hubby… I actually put my hand over his face when he snores so he’ll stop. One day I’m gonna kill him. Inadvertently, naturally.

  2. Betty says:

    I have it too. Never heard of the name tho. Will have to tell hubby that it’s a disorder. Maybe he’ll be more understanding. haha
    What I hate most is those repetitive ticking sounds, like someone flicking their nails. I know a guy who does that in church. Drives me nuts! UGH!

    • Jenn says:

      Yes! Exactly why I cannot STAND Chipmunks, too. They make that exact sound for hours on end. I also can’t stand to hear a clock tick in a quiet room.

  3. quilly says:

    I have this. It made the beginning of the school year a challenge until I convinced my students that I would kill them if they didn’t stop.

    • Jenn says:

      Holy smokes, Q – I can’t imagine being around a bunch of kids all day for this very reason… you clearly have amazing control!

  4. RiA says:

    Why should I not be surprised we share a disorder?? That I never knew I had?? I had one guy transferred out of my department because he Popped. Smacked. Chomped his gum every minute of every day! And the girl who tapped her acrylic nails on EVERYTHING! If’s it’s a disorder the company has to accomodate me right???

    • Jenn says:

      Haha! Well, I’m not surprised either, Ria! Sounds like they both had different disorders though, and zero manners ;)

  5. yogurt says:

    Is this on the sensory integration spectrum?
    And what about ultra-sensitivity to people’s sneezes? Because that is me. My husband does a double or triple sneeze almost every time and it just about gags me (sorry, honey). It’s not his fault, it’s just me. I’m not a germaphobe, either. Just a sneezaphobe. And how about you – do the sounds of sneezes bother you?

    • Jenn says:

      Yes it is – and sometimes accompanied by other sensory issues as well, and varying by individual (although mouth noises is almost across the board for everyone I’ve read about so far)

      Nope, sneezes don’t bother me – and it’s a good thing too because both of my parents scream when they sneeze. It’s hilarious actually, unless you’re not expecting it, at which time it’s terrifying. Sneezes are listed for some people Misophoniacs though… I have a link I’ll send you, Doc – you especially will be fascinated by it given what you do for a living.

  6. That describes my daughter to a tee! I could just be rubbing my finger on pant leg and she gets all bent out of shape. She can hear the high pitched frequencies electronics put out. Mouth noises are the worst. Now I don’t like mouth noises either (it’s the gulping sound when one drinks that drives me over the edge) but otherwise no issues. I had no idea there was a name for this!