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I hate chipmunks

Written By: Jenn - Jul• 09•11

Oh I know, they’re very cute and furry.


Who couldn’t love a face like this?

Aren't I just adorable??

Aren't I just adorable??

Know what I love even more than very cute little furry critters with big shiny eyes?

Sleep. I really like sleep. Nay! Rather I LOVE sleep, and I don’t ever get enough of it.

So when this loathesome little creature perches itself outside my bedroom window at 5am and starts its unending peeping – which is very birdlike in that it’s a high pitched, clear-as-a-bell and unbelievably loud – it’s like daggers to my ears. It tears me away from wonderful dreams. It pierces me to my very core. It pisses. me. off.

What’s worse is that we have at least 3 colonies of them living on the property, and that means dozens. We’ve never had this many before.

They’ve gotta go.

Heading to Home Depot in a little while to pick up some hot pepper wax spray for their perching and high travel areas, and maybe one of those motion sensor owls too. Oh, and will check out humane traps also… I don’t want them dead, just relocated! I’m not homicidal. Yet.

I’m so very very tired. And yes, I realize that I’ve used the word “very” quite a bit in this post, and while that would normally upset the writer in me for its overuse… I’m too tired to care, and you’re just gonna hafta deal.


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  1. Betty says:

    Sounds like you´re VERY tired. :) I hope you have success with those traps/gadgets to scare them away. Nothing is worse than having your sleep interrupted!

  2. yogurt says:

    And here I was, on vacation in CA, hoping and hoping to see some chipmunks. We have none here, only squirrels and they don’t peep. A good thing after reading your post.

  3. Too bad about the chipmunks, because they are cute.

  4. Good luck with this! I’ve been tortured by squirrels and by racoons … and this is in New York City! Can chipmunks be far behind? :)

  5. Broot says:

    My kids love squirrels because they only see them on TV. Oh, and once when we went to Canada when Chatterbox was 18 months old. But I know they’re actually evil.