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So how was YOUR morning?

Written By: Jenn - Jan• 05•10

So, I didn’t sleep last night. Anyone who stops by here often enough knows that isn’t something new for me. So be it.

I had a great evening though – the four of us had a very successful first rehearsal with our new music (all wonderful love songs) as we gear up for the wedding (and whatnot) season ahead. As is our custom, we finished off the evening with a round at the pub… although our usual haunt was closed when we got there, so we went to the rather loud bar at Boston Pizza instead. Meh. Doesn’t matter, the company was the important part. We ran a bit later than usual, because I had a board meeting to attend first, and then we wanted to get through as much music as we could once I arrived.

My husband was not amused when I waltzed through the door at 11:35. Oh, he didn’t say anything, but he pretty much ignored me until he went to bed just before midnight. Swell.

So yeah, I didn’t get to bed until after 2am, and then once I settled in, I waited to fall asleep. And waited. And waited. *sigh* It felt like I had JUST gotten to sleep when he actually stormed into the bedroom and demanded that I get up and get Wee One dressed for school, and do her hair. This is after he’d specifically told me yesterday that he was going to get up with her and see her off to school so I could sleep in, because he was heading to the walk in clinic first thing (he has an ear infection. again.). Jeckyll? Meet Hyde. Meet ASSHAT.

So anyway, because he’s clearly unable to run a brush through a 5 year old’s hair, and dress her in clothes that don’t resemble a clown suit… (and the teen, who was also there, was unable to do so either apparently) I got up, without a word, and did so. I have no idea what crawled up his leg and bit his ass, but he was in fine form this morning. He has no idea how close he was to a concussion. You just do not speak to me like that.

Anyway, after that lovely ray of sunshine, I find out that my grandmother wasn’t doing well last night, and my mother needs me to be with her when she checks in on her… just in case. Sure, why not. Now, my grandmother is 98, and has been declining steadily for a few years now. She’s just not “there” anymore. These things are to be expected, and I think we’re all prepared for the inevitable. So fine; “Here I come, Mom.” I walk in, take one look at her – still breathing – and say “well, her hip is broken again”. There is no mistaking a broken hip on someone who is that small and frail. So an ambulance and paramedics took up the rest of my absolutely wonderful morning. I didn’t go to the hospital with them, but Mom has phoned me a couple times with updates; yes, another break, right below the first one (from 4 years ago), and they’re waiting on the surgeon to come and assess. Poor Mom. She’s had so much to contend with the last few years, and she’s not doing all that well herself. There are days when she can barely hold anything in her hands (she has Reynauld’s disease, which causes swelling in her hands, and a host of other problems), and she’s small herself, so having to move my now completely-immobile grandmother is getting to be too much for her. Anyway, I think the end of that road is coming – I don’t know that she’ll be going home again.

Sorry for the unhappy post today. I’m not in a good place, and forgive me for saying it has very little to do with my last remaining grandparent heading down the final road.


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  1. ShaMoo says:

    Awww, big hugs, hon…. Sounds like the hubby needs a wee attitude adjustment; I’ve got people who can take care of that for you :) The offer for Bailey’s still stands!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother (((hugs)))
    .-= Iva @ HorizontalYoYo´s last blog ..School Starts =-.

  3. Oh dear, not a good start to the week, I hope Wednesday is better for you and you are cheered up by our Silly Haiku’s. Sleep is really important, if I don’t get a proper nights sleep I’m not myself all day.

    I laughed when I saw you had a tag ‘Husband being a jerk’ – at least it’s only this post that’s tagged so that’s not too bad. I’m sure he’s great most of the time, maybe he didn’t sleep too well either.

    I hope your grandmother is getting on well in hospital and is not in too much discomfort, breaking a hip just sounds so painful. It must be hard for your Mum but as least she has you too. My Grampa had a stroke just before Christmas and he has a lot of other problems too including Alzeimers so it was a lot for my Gran, thankfully he is recovering well and there are a lot of family close by to help out.

    I hope you are feeling better now and had a good night’s sleep last night.
    .-= Jade @ No Longer 25´s last blog ..Aftermath? =-.

    • Jenn says:

      Thanks Jade :) Things are better today – he has seen the error of his ways, and I didn’t have to smack him with a golf club to do it… (Tiger Woods reference, although he was just being a bone head, not a cheater) you’re right, most of the time he’s a pretty decent chap.

      My grandmother is probably not going to recover from this, and certainly she won’t be going back home to my mother’s care again. It’s unfortunate, but at 98 she has had a marvelous and LONG life which was a very robust and healthy one until she broke her hip the first time 4 years ago, and there are no complaints. They’re keeping her comfortable (morphine), so she’s not in pain. Maybe she’ll be seeing my grandfather soon, and that is a very comforting thought, given what a wonderful man he was.

  4. Polly says:

    I’m glad for the happy ending. Otherwise I would have suggested hiding the guns from the prior post!

    I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. Yes, hip fractures at this age usually leads to a quick decline. I pray that she be comfortable and be surrounded by the love of her family. God bless!
    .-= Polly´s last blog ..Silly Haiku Wednesday: Aftermath and New Beginnings =-.

  5. Is it too terribly wrong that I sincerely love, love, love the fact that you have an entire tag devoted to “husband being a jerk”? Fabulous . . . .

    — xoxo, Liz
    .-= Liz in Virginia´s last blog ..It’s ironic . . . . =-.

    • Jenn says:

      Heehee :) Nah, it’s not wrong. We’ve all been there I think… and some of those asshats are now “Wasbands”. Found that moniker on a blog just today, and said much the same thing as you – “love love love”. ;)

  6. Yukongoldgal says:

    Sounds like you and I have to have more in depth chats about how to deal with said subject… LOL Next days off are next week Thurs-Sun..