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Written By: Jenn - Jul• 21•09

I don’t have much going on this week that begs talking about, so I thought I’d do an “update” of sorts.

First, the Teen is having a wonderful time in Nova Scotia at camp, despite cooler temperatures, rain, and a whole lotta fog.

Stock Photo of The Teen ;)

Stock Photo of The Teen ;)

She said they were standing in formation on the compound the other day when a fog bank rolled in and she couldn’t see the person in front of her. Unless you live in a place that gets fog like that, I’d say that is a very cool phenomenon to experience!

Bad news though. They found and confiscated her cell phone. Apparently someone tipped off an officer and they did a sweep through their dorm, finding dozens of hidden cell phones. I’d be willing to bet they just know it happens every year ;) She’ll get it back at the end of training, but she said her hip keeps buzzing with phantom txt msgs. I know I miss having that connection with her!

She has made wonderful new friends, from all over Canada. She wrote the test for and got her pleasure boat operators license, no problem. They are training on whaler class ships all this week, and next week they are going to be deployed for a full week on a rescue ship (I think she meant Coast Guard but I’m not sure) which means she won’t be getting off to call home during that time. Exciting stuff! She’ll be calling me tomorrow on my birthday anniversary she said. (Do you have your haiku ready??)

What else… well, I’m not a coffee virgin anymore. In fact, I’m posilutely addicted to Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccinos with a Hazelnut shot.

Hot coffee just doesn’t turn me on, but I could drink it if there was nothing else, and that was the whole idea behind getting into it in the first place I guess.

Wee One is enjoying her summer, and we’re setting up regular play dates with ShaMoo and Doodle Cakes and their kids (except for this week, because they’re both away on holidays!) and last week we saw Wee One’s best friends for an afternoon of fun at a park/splash pad.

We’re going to try to do that more regularly as well – this Thursday in fact. I think the Moms of both kids are terrific, so it’s a play date for me too! (helps with my “get more active” plan) So far the weather isn’t looking too promising, so we might end up at Chuck E Cheese instead… I’d better put some Motrin in my pocket.

Hubbie is getting me a rad new camera bag for my birthday anniversary, which I picked out yesterday. It’s a Lowepro Slingshot 200, which will replace my huge, sausage shaped, impossible-to-carry-comfortably bag.

I can’t wait to have it! Now I’ll be able to take whatever I need and have easy access to it all day. No more wearing the camera around my neck because unpacking the bulky kit takes forever and I might miss some amazing shot. Awesome.

Don’t forget tomorrow’s Silly Haiku Wednesday! I hope to see some new faces in the mix too!

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  1. I love that teenage “having a wonderful time” look :D

    Happy birthday tomorrow [I will be back, haiku in hand]!

    P.S. Just say NO to Chuck E. Cheese; playing in the rain is a far more interesting and headache-free memory…
    .-= stephanie (bad mom)´s last blog ..who needs me? =-.

  2. Doodle Cakes says:

    I found out that my niece (14) joined the sea cadets as well! Glad Chelsea is having a blast!!!!

  3. Shannanigans says:

    love iced caps!
    .-= Shannanigans´s last blog ..Silly Haiku Wednesday =-.

  4. Silver says:

    First time visiting. The teen handphone confiscated episode sounds so familiar.


  5. Cooler temperatures in the summer just does. not. compute. Sorry. I magine 95 (35 C) degree temps with a heat index of over 100 (37 C). I’m glad the Teen is having fun. Camp is so awesome!
    .-= Iva @ Horizontal Yo-Yo´s last blog ..Happy Birthday, Jenn! =-.