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Written By: Jenn - Jul• 18•09

I don’t have a sponsor. I just like that line ;)

It’s been a while since I posted anything that was just about ME. Mostly it’s because… well, while I do adore talking (and writing) and sometimes I wonder if it’s just to see/hear myself do it, I don’t talk about myself all that much. Probably a good thing, since you’d all get very bored and never visit me again. That said, this one post will be a bit of a ramble about me, so if you’re interested, grab a coffee and settle in. If not, I have a fabulous list of blogs in my previous post – I highly recommend each and every one.

The last few months since I started blogging again have been both terrible and great. I get such joy from writing and creating. It’s therapeutic to be able to put your thoughts down digitally or on paper, working out frustrations, worries, joys. I kept a journal throughout Jr. and Sr. high school, college, and into the early years of marriage before kids came along and life got in the way. I remember laying in bed writing pages and pages on the things going on in my life, wanting to capture every nuance, and knowing that as I wrote, I’d be able to figure out how I wanted to deal with a problem, or approach something new. It definitely probably kept me from murdering my bratty little brother in his sleep doing a few things that crossed my mind more than once. Blogging is certainly a more public way of doing the same thing. I’ve enjoyed sharing ideas and events, and have made some truly diverse and interesting friends recently!

'Bloggers whose comments have made my days brighter

'Stolen' from the sites of the many bloggers who have made my days brighter! Can you find what I took from your site?

You might be wondering what I meant by terrible though… I have a bit of an OCD where things that I love are concerned. Being overweight fluffy and having a few health concerns (PCOS, Hypothyroidism, high Cholesterol [all very much related to being fluffy], and a few other minor issues) means I should be far more active than I am. I’ve chosen career paths that mean I spend long hours sitting in this chair here though, ostensibly so I could be home with my kids as they grew up, whilst still bringing in a paycheque (“check”, for my Merkin friends!). While I know full well I’m hurting myself by doing so, I can’t seem to help it. Work must be done, and oh yeah, Facebook and the Blog can be done at the same time! “Wow, it’s midnight already?”

So while I do work 12+ hour days more often than not, it’s really only my fingers and my eyes that get a solid workout on a regular basis. Blogging has not helped that out at all, even though I have loved every solid minute of it!

I know what I need to do, it’s just a matter of getting off my butt to do it. Other women have no trouble getting in lots of exercise, so why can’t I?? I’ve been a member of the Goodlife gym for 8 years now! They haven’t seen me in about 4 years a while though.

Past the fact that I will never, ever be seen in a bikini again, and I’m ok with that, I really think I just need to get active to be healthy. With this birthday anniversary looming over me next week, it only drives home that I’m no longer in the blush of youth, and time isn’t going to wait for me. My kids deserve a healthy mom who cares enough about herself to work at enjoying “real life” with them.

So look what this random, rambling rant has done! I do believe I’ve decided to finally jump into action and get off this chair more often. The summer time makes it easier, definitely – play dates to keep the Wee One entertained mean that I’ll be chasing after her and her friends with my camera glued to my face.

I did buy an annual pass to the Toronto Zoo – one of the most fabulous zoos on the planet. Can’t be sedentary there – the place is massive. I think I’ll head out and get an annual pass to the provincial parks in our area too – they have some of the most gorgeous hiking trails and beaches in Ontario.

I’m going to need your help and encouragement to get off this chair more often though. It’s like training a dog, really. The more positive reinforcement I get, the better at it I’ll be! So leave me a comment every so often, and ask me what I’ve done recently… maybe I’ll have some great tales to tell, and pictures to share!

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  1. Becca says:

    OMG You’ve stolen my face!!!!! It’s just a shame you didn’t get my cute new haircut lol We are out of town and have a camera with no cable :(

  2. I will send you as much exercise ju-ju as I can muster; please do the same back to me. Planning kid-friendly outings that require movement are a good idea; unfortunately, my kids are getting old enough to not care much if I follow them around and are content with me finding a seat, coffee & reading material. That does not equal physical fitness.
    .-= stephanie (bad mom)´s last blog ..week’s end =-.

  3. Shannanigans says:

    Here’s looking at you!
    Cool and thanks for reading. It is so funny you use the word fluffy, that’s what my husband uses to describe himself. It is also good that you want to get healthy. Too many people focus on weight and numbers and not on how they feel. Good for you!
    I also totally hear you on the internet thing. I find I spend hours on it checking out peoples blogs, then look at the clock and it is time for bed.
    .-= Shannanigans´s last blog ..Had to Share =-.

  4. The longest journey begins with a single blah blah blah .. but it’s true. Gotta start somewhere.

    I’m no example of consistency with exerise, at least, not the 5 days a week, rain or shine, type of consistency. But I know this fact. It gets easier and it gets more enjoyable. And even if it sucks it feels sooo good when you’re done.
    .-= phd in yogurtry´s last blog ..silly summer haiku =-.

  5. Call Me Cate says:

    I see me! Or at least my smilies… Thanks for including me!
    .-= Call Me Cate´s last blog ..Six Word Saturday =-.

  6. I get up at 5 am to exercise. Sucks, but I do it. At this point if I don’t get up and do it I’ll punish myself mentally the rest of the day, which is worse than just getting up and doing it. Good luck!
    .-= Mighty M Family´s last blog ..aloha friday #20 =-.

  7. I am so with you about taking care of yourself. I hike and walk and the trick is to make it a routine. I use a fitness ball for my computer seating, that’s really helpful too.
    www dot fitnessball dot com

    Best to you and love your collage, I think I recognize a little flower in there from my blog. Very flattered, sincere thanks and I will check in w/you about my fitness routine too.
    .-= Martha at A Sense of Humor is Essential´s last blog ..Pink Sunset in a Sculpture Garden =-.

  8. Saucy says:

    I recognize a few folks in there aside from just myself! Thanks for including me.

    I know what you mean about being sedentary… I feel like the weather here has been so “blah” all through spring and now into the summer that I’m starting to get a wee bit fluffy myself. It’s time to get out and about more. I do like being perched in front of my monitor, though. Gah.
    .-= Saucy´s last blog ..desperately seeking me george =-.

  9. very cool. i see milo’s art work. thanks for leaving your link.
    .-= melissa stover´s last blog ..Blog frog and other news =-.

  10. Melissa B. says:

    Well, I’d recognize that typewriter anywhere! And I enjoyed today’s rant. It’s therapeutic, right?
    .-= Melissa B.´s last blog ..Blazing Saddles =-.

  11. VickiS ~ FL says:

    I spotted the hawksbill sea turtle….that is a great collage you put together. I also found my friend’s footprints (Martha-Menagerie/Color Carnival).

    Your journaling was a nice read and I wish I could get myself up and out of this chair and or the couch, I need to exercise as well. Good luck in your journey to be more healthy;~)
    .-= VickiS ~ FL´s last blog ..Pink Saturday…..July 11 =-.

  12. Cheryl says:

    It took me a minute but I did find the little bug on the end of the bleeding heart flower!! Thanks for the thanks!!LOL I am no exercise expert myself but I can offer encouragement. Sounds like you are off to a good start! Enjoying the exercise you are doing really helps. Good luck>
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Someone tell Mother Nature it’s summertime, please =-.

  13. ConorBooms says:

    Goodness me, it took me a while to recognise my star biscuit (cookie)! What a clever idea, thanks for including my blog!

    And I am sending you motivational vibes!! It is so incredibly worth the effort of getting into a regular exercise routine, wishing you the very bestest for your out-of-chair plans! I find if you are on a weight-loss plan, it is a good idea to track your progress (I used Calorie King when I was losing weight) and I guess if you are exercising to improve your health it might be a nice idea to just write a little blurb every so often to track how you’re feeling?

    All the best! I know you can do it!
    .-= ConorBooms´s last blog ..Buffet snobbery begone! =-.

  14. Martha says:

    Yep, I see my toes in there! Cool collage! Thanks for the mention, glad I could make you smile – you made me smile too :-)
    .-= Martha´s last blog ..Yikes! =-.

  15. Karen Rice says:

    LOL I found me! Thanks for the fun hunt! :)
    .-= Karen Rice´s last blog ..Delaware River – Riverfront Property for Sale! =-.

  16. It’s always interesting to hear a bit about the people who write the blog, I find if I put something up on my blog that I will follow it through more often – it’s like putting your aims down in writting is like a writted contract with yourself! Good luck with being more active, I’m sure you’ll feel the benefits of it soon.

    Thanks for including me in your collage – I don’t look like that usually, it’s a mask – honest!
    .-= Jade @ No Longer 25´s last blog ..LA – Actually it’s a Great City (Honestly) =-.

  17. Niki says:

    I spotted my pie crust filled cookie!! It was the first thing I saw! :)

    I totally sympathize w/ your situation! My best friend has PCOS I’ve been there w/ her for every step of her battle w/ it (it’s not getting better and also a reason why she can’t lose weight). I’ve never been a skinny girl, but earlier this year when I went into the hospital and had tons and tons of steroids pumped into me, I gained like 30 more lbs which I am so not happy with. It’s been the HARDEST thing to lose…
    I’m sure it doesn’t help that you work 12 hours a day! I recently bought a treadmill and some hand weights (5lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs) and work out at home. It’s hard to get motivated sometimes, but it’s easier than getting motivated to go out to work out.
    It just sucks for me b/c I live w/ my parents and my mom cannot learn to eat healthier, even by the simple changes of using whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta, or not buying Oreo’s everytime she sees them on sale…

    Good luck!!!

  18. Meg says:

    I’m such a space!! After hunting I just saw what you “stole” from my site. Yes, so very glad my husband didn’t miss him!
    .-= Meg´s last blog ..A Day Late (but NOT a Dollar Short)! =-.