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Guest Post: Thom

Today I’m terrified horrified …oh no, I can’t say that so very honoured to present a guest post by the extremely sarcastic the utterly irrepressible scary as all get-out my great friend Thom, of Thoms place for well, whatever. I’ve known Thom for a while now, and while I’m not allowed to ruin his acerbic […]

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Guest Post: K9 Crazy

Second in my Guest Post Monday series is a good friend of mine, who I met when she and another friend of ours did a home visit before placing Sadie with us – almost exactly 7 years ago today in fact! Tracy is a passionate dog advocate, and one of the folks we’ve come to […]

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Guest Post: Bad Mom

I’m pleased to have Stephanie (AKA Bad Mom) Guest Posting for me today! I’m sitting here trying to remember how I found her in the first place… another meme? Through a friend? Did she find ME, or did I find HER…? You know, since I don’t even remember what I did last week, it’s unlikely […]

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