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Guest Post: ShaMoo

ShaMoo is back! ShaMoo is back! My lovely friend has been AWOL for a long time from not only our Sensational Haiku Wednesdays, but our joint project with J-B at Brain Fart as well. If I didn’t have contact with her in other ways, and know and how busy she’s been, I would have been […]

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Guest Post: Doodle Cakes

Move over, Cake Boss, there’s a new Sheriff in town. We all know at least one person who doesn’t realize just how fabulous she is, and Doodle Cakes is that, in spades. An artist extraordinaire, she continues to outdo herself with each delectable creation. Where Carlos (of Cake Boss fame) leads an entire team, Doodle […]

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Guest Post: Broot

Every so often in this lifetime you stumble across people that you just “click” with. Someone who understands you in a fundamental way, and shares your basic values and views. Broot is such a person for me. Since we (virtually) met, we’ve discovered how similar we are in so many ways that it’s a little […]

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