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Guest Post: Thom

Written By: Jenn - Apr• 11•11

Today I’m terrified horrified …oh no, I can’t say that so very honoured to present a guest post by the extremely sarcastic the utterly irrepressible scary as all get-out my great friend Thom, of Thoms place for well, whatever.

I’ve known Thom for a while now, and while I’m not allowed to ruin his acerbic reputation by revealing that he’s actually a very sweet and thoughtful man, I gotta tell you, I love this guy. Thom is… well, Thom. There’s no one else like him thank whatever deity you prefer.

I didn’t know what to expect when I asked him to guest for me, and I knew I was asking him to step waaaaay out of his comfort zone by asking him to NOT do a meme. Frankly, it’s taking me out of my comfort zone too, but sometimes you just have to do that… right?

(Hooooo boy. What was I thinking???)

P.S. I am NOT pregnant.

When our knocked up Jenn asked me if I would guest post on her blog I thought WHAT??? The first thing I said is “All I do are memes and you want me to write a guest post on yours? PFFFFT…..” Well being the friend she is to me I decided that I could attempt something, however crappy it may be so here it is. And I assure you all it’s not going to be long. I think anything more than a paragraph or two you lose readership and people just skim the post. Speaking of being a skimmer, I’m blaming being accused of skimming by Jenn, on her hormonal changes recently. Go figure.

So after racking my brain, what little bit of it there is to rack….speaking of which have you seen the rack on Wendy Williams? That broad has some I tell ya. And what a ‘tude she has. I’m glad she got kicked off of Dancing With the Stars last week and further more I’m amazed that she has anyone watching or listening to her talk show. Good riddance. Now let’s see where was I? Oh yeah, racking my brain. Should I talk about Politics? Religion? The Price of tea in China? Nothing I could think of seemed like a worthwhile topic.

I let a couple of days go by and finally decided on something new and different. Speaking of different do any of you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo? OMG it is too funny and last week they had the drag queens make up straight jocks into women and let me tell you some of them seemed to really enjoy it. Back to the decision. Sorry I get side tracked very easy. So I sent an email to Jenn, remembering the delicate state she is currently in, and said I think I’ll talk about Facebook, Twitter and Blogging. After sending that email, however, the more I thought about that the more BORING those topics were as well.

To make a long story short, nothing I could think of would make a killing. Speaking of killing there is a hot new show on AMC called The Killing. It’s set in Seattle and if you don’t like glitz and glamour and like good murder mysteries this is the TV show for you. It’s awesome. Geez back on topic. I couldn’t come up with a dang thing to talk about. Maybe Jenn, and the bun in the oven, should re-think this guest posting.


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  1. quilly says:

    Only Thom could write a guest post about why he didn’t write a guest post AND manage to get all those plugs in there. The man is amazing.

    So, Jenn, you gonna name the baby after Thom?

    • Jenn says:

      I think I have to at this point, Q. Since my husband is “fixed” it’s almost certainly Thom’s anyway… these looooong distance virtual (whatevers) do have the most unexpected consequences.

      Also I suspect triplets. One of each.

  2. Your intro about Thom hit the nail on the top, Jenn. I second Quilly’s comment about Thom’s post. LOL Have a blessed week :)

    • Jenn says:

      Well I did want something to shake things up… “be careful what you wish for” eh? ;)

  3. tilden says:

    i just heard about the baby! but is having a baby really safe at your age? sorry, that was kinda for ward wasn’t it?…

    anyway, i’ve never seen any of those shows thom talked about, although i’m sure they are fab. but last night i did see the last episode of mildred pierce on cable. it is a disturbing miniseries about a woman and her no good daughter….

    oh! maybe i shouldn’t mention evil children when you’re expecting.

    • Jenn says:

      Having a baby right now would NOT be safe, Tilden ;) Mostly because I’d jump off a building…

      • RiA says:

        I live in north Jersey- traffic capitol of the world – so I’d throw myself in front of an oncoming semi… maybe a Braun’s truck…

  4. Betty says:

    LOL! He is hilarious! Are you sure you are NOT pregnant? Because if anybody just “skims” this post…. there will be rumors out there. haha

    • quilly says:

      Betty — you want rumors? Go read Jenn’s April Fools Day post. Pardoning the pun, she “birthed” this monster herself — and then she let Thom play with it! Some people have no sense of self-preservation.

      • Jenn says:

        I didn’t “LET” Thom do anything – he ran with it all by himself! I should have known but wasn’t thinking when I wrote the post… *sigh*

  5. Church Lady says:

    That’s our Thom! Jenn – you are really going out on a limb there! And that could be dangerous in your current “state”.

  6. Thom says:

    Hmmm what to say what to say…ALL LIES I tell you :)

  7. Amanda says:

    This is so Thom with a bit of ADD mixed in Oh by the way did you…………..

  8. Mama Zen says:

    Thom, you crack me up!

  9. RiA says:

    I imagine a real life convo with Thom would be similar. Not a problem for me – I get very ADD sometimes when talking.