You know… that Blog?

Stranger than truth?

I get a lot of… weird visitors lately. Tons of comment spam – fortunately they never get through so I’m the only one who sees them. Idiots. The people who spend time doing that (or designing bots to do that) really need to get a life. The sheer amount of people searching for Guinea Pig […]

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Awesome Recipe

ShaMoo sent me a link to an awesome blog this evening – and the very last post she made was for “Baked Potato Soup”. This I’ve got to try! YUM! I’ve added her to my “Blogs that I follow” list. I just adore finding good crock pot recipes! The contest is moving along – check […]

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Pork Tenderloin Slow Cooker Recipe Extraordinaire

We are a pork tenderloin lovin’ family. No doubt about it! When Superstore has a sale on a dual pack every month or so, I stock up and get 7 or 8 packages. They freeze beautifully in their shrink wrapped package, and are the most tender cuts of meat EVER. We have it usually once […]

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