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Pork Tenderloin Slow Cooker Recipe Extraordinaire

Written By: Jenn - May• 26•09

We are a pork tenderloin lovin’ family. No doubt about it! When Superstore has a sale on a dual pack every month or so, I stock up and get 7 or 8 packages. They freeze beautifully in their shrink wrapped package, and are the most tender cuts of meat EVER. We have it usually once a week, cooked 1 of 3 ways.

What makes this recipe even better is that it’s a slow cooker recipe, and takes very little prep work!

So here for your epicurean delight is:

Jenn’s Balsamic Pork Tenderloin

2 nice sized pork tenderloins (1½ – 2lbs) (a nice pork roast also works) seasoned with salt and pepper (I like sea salt)

½ CUP balsamic vinegar (or so)
3 TBSP liquid honey (or so)
3 TBSP dijon mustard (ish)

Those are the 3 basic ingredients. You may also choose to add:

½ TSP dried thyme leaf

You’ll notice I say “or so”, or “ish” in my ingredients list. This is an “idiot proof” recipe, and you can use as much or as little of these ingredients as you like. I never measure anymore. Obviously it will be sweeter if you use more honey, and if you have picky kids who aren’t keen on meat, that might be something for you to consider. If you don’t want it as sweet, use less honey/more dijon mustard.

Set your slow cooker (I use an oblong 6QT model for this) to high, pour in and mix the balsamic, honey and mustard together with a whisk, and then place your tenderloins side by side, and flip to coat both sides. Cover and leave it for about 2 hours (or flip them about half way through, although it’s not necessary).

At 2 hours, check them – this is not a recipe you want to over cook. If you leave it for over 3 hours, you’re going to have very dried out tenderloins. 2½ hours is usually ideal, but you really should take one out and do a slice test.

Remove when it achieves the perfect done-ness. Let it rest with aluminum foil over top for about 10 minutes, while you finish your sides, and then slice into medallions.

The cooking sauce makes an AWESOME au jus. No need to thicken it, just put some in a gravy boat and enjoy over the meat, as a dipping sauce, or over your veggies. YUM!

We like this with broccoli and potatoes and/or sweet potatoes.

Note: I have not attempted this on a “low” setting, but I would imagine you still wouldn’t want to cook this for more than 3-4 hours, even on low. This is not a recipe you can leave cooking all day.


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