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What to buy the man who has everything?

My father turns 65 this weekend. There will be a big family & friends party, a sure-to-be-gorgeous cake done by none other than our friend Doodle Cakes, and lots of food. I just have no idea what to get my Dad. The man has everything. It’s a special birthday, so clothes won’t do it. Tools, […]

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Mosaic Monday – Introducing…

Last week we missed Mosaic Monday terribly! I hadn’t known it was on hiatus, so I posted anyway. I’m re-posting that mosaic this week, AND adding one. I would like to introduce the new websites of two people who are very dear to me! Please join me in welcoming: Doodle Cakes:! Photography: © […]

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Companies I would never do business with; a Rant

Arriving at my van this afternoon after grocery shopping, and finding not one but two advertisements shoved under my windshield wiper really got under my skin. They must have worked hard to get those papers seated; my wipers, when inactive, nest deeply down into the window well. This annoys me to no end, and without […]

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