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Mosaic Monday

OF course by now everyone knows that my Teen was at camp almost all summer – I’ve certainly talked about it enough! Didn’t have much in the way of pictures though – today, even though I’m SUPER late with this addition (Sorry Mary!) I thought I’d put some of her personal pictures together for a […]

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Mosaic Monday – Introducing…

Last week we missed Mosaic Monday terribly! I hadn’t known it was on hiatus, so I posted anyway. I’m re-posting that mosaic this week, AND adding one. I would like to introduce the new websites of two people who are very dear to me! Please join me in welcoming: Doodle Cakes:! Photography: © […]

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Mosaic Monday – Introducing Doodle Cakes!

(Of course we had some down time today – sorry about that folks! I’m baaaacck) Yesterday was my 100th Post milestone – if you haven’t checked it out, you might want to… I’m jus’ sayin’. I have two things I’d like to do today, with this post. As I have for the best several weeks, […]

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