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Fight fire with fire

Something unsavory has been going on in our larger choral group that we sing with lately. We are a great group of about 55 voices. Strangely enough, out of that nice number, only 5 are tenors (including John-Boy), and out of that 5, only 4 are men (um, also including J-B!). That leaves, of course, […]

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Companies I would never do business with; a Rant

Arriving at my van this afternoon after grocery shopping, and finding not one but two advertisements shoved under my windshield wiper really got under my skin. They must have worked hard to get those papers seated; my wipers, when inactive, nest deeply down into the window well. This annoys me to no end, and without […]

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Go ahead, poke the bear…

I was out doing some pre-Father’s Day errands with my little one today, and pulled into the packed TD Bank parking lot, which is shared with the LCBO (Liquor Store). As I was gathering up my deposit books and reaching for the button to open the van’s side door for Wee One, a waving hand […]

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