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Need some help…

Our beloved Sensational Haiku Wednesday meme is taxing my brain, and I need your help. I know you can help me. (Admit it; you’ve started to actually think in haiku, haven’t you.) Oh yes… you can help me. Check out all the prompts we’ve used over the past year and a half (it’ll open in […]

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What to buy the man who has everything?

My father turns 65 this weekend. There will be a big family & friends party, a sure-to-be-gorgeous cake done by none other than our friend Doodle Cakes, and lots of food. I just have no idea what to get my Dad. The man has everything. It’s a special birthday, so clothes won’t do it. Tools, […]

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Living my mother’s life

What to blog about today… hrm. Well, my folks went on a casino trip with friends today (my father went kicking and screaming…[not really, but in his mind I’m sure he was trying to find a way out]) and of course, who gets to look after my 97½ year old, incontinent, immobile, incoherent grandmother? Me. […]

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