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Pinteresting? I think SO!

So who would have thunk it? A simple comment on Facebook, and suddenly Broot both loves and hates me? That’s ok; I have broad shoulders and a well developed funny-bone… and many people have that reaction to me. Haha Since I introduced my dear friend Broot a couple weeks ago, I may have also sucked […]

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Phew… I’m alive!

Well, it was touch and go, but thanks to the magic fingers of my favourite techno-geek, my blog has been resurrected from the very, very dead. We had a server melt-down over the weekend due to a failed A/C unit, which followed a massive DDOS (denial of service attack) on our provider. While not much […]

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Right this minute

What are you doing right this minute? Right this minute, I… …just got up from a nap because I didn’t sleep well last night and really needed it! …am getting junk off of my old laptop to give to my daughter because hers is caput. Mine isn’t much better but at least it will get […]

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