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Home stretch

Written By: Jenn - Aug• 24•12

Hey…! 27 days and counting, until we finally get the keys to our new house.

I’m of mixed emotions about this place, to be honest. We have been pushed back so many times that the excitement was lost months ago. We were supposed to be in last December, just before Christmas, and they didn’t even break ground until several months later. At that point we knew we’d get pushed back again, since our next date was in April. We really thought that we’d be in for our “firm” date though, which was August 9th… well, it’s a couple weeks past that, and we’re still waiting. We have had issues with the builder (especially one rotten-to-deal-with person at their Decor center), and with the build, that were so unnecessary, and that quelled a lot of the anticipation for us too. Then the whole “moving to the ‘Burbs”, “having neighbours RIGHT THERE”, and “noise” stuff, which doesn’t turn me on. At all. Meh.

What I know, though, is that this is a high-end builder, and our finished home will be very high quality. That’s a huge plus.

Trying to get excited again. So let’s see what I can be happy about…

A growing pile of new stuff is making my wide hallway a lot narrower. Can’t help it; if I can’t move in yet, I’m gonna buy stuff that will make it fun in the mean time! I’ve got a pile of really cool stuff happening, that makes me smile when I walk by it.

I’m gonna have central vac! THIS I’m excited about. I hate lugging a vacuum around.

With hardwood and ceramic tile, I won’t have a stitch of carpet on the main floor. Yay!

I’ll have a dedicated appliance closet! I’ll have a big cold room! No more keeping everything in the kitchen. (good thing, since it’s a smaller kitchen… boo)

4 Bathrooms? SHUT.UP. No more standing in line or pounding on the door and getting surly?

2 laundry rooms… that means the Teen will have her own in the finished basement Teen Cave, and I don’t have to look at her Mt. Washmore! Woooot!

“His” and “Hers” walk in closets! Well, mine is walk-in… his is a bit smaller. A “step-in”? ha! Wait… I don’t have to share my space?! Excuse me, I need a moment.

Oh… and folks? I get my office back. I GET MY OFFICE BACK!!!! I need another moment. Talk amongst yourselves.

When Wee One made herself known at the beginning of 2004, I cried for 2 weeks straight lost my office to the then-almost-10-year-old Teen. My substantially outfitted office was relegated to a corner of the great room, where I’ve now been for 8 years. 8 years, people.

Am I excited about having an office again? There are no words.

So I’ve been Pinteresting (it’s a word) to see what I can do for said office, and come up with a few really cool things for my wish list. It’s gonna be bright. It’s gonna be a happy place. It’s gonna have space to work, and space to create! I’ve got a board going with some ideas I’ve found in my travels.

This is – so far – my favourite room, and what I’d like my office to look like:

The walls will be a blue-grey, but essentially this is what I’m going for. I need a place to do my work online, but I also need space to work with my hands. I also need places to put all the many different kinds of hand-crafts I get myself involved in. Oh yes, this would work nicely. I want to be able to leave my sewing machine set up. I want to be able to have a machine knitting project on the go, and not in the way. I want space to create.

Ok, so I’m a little excited about my new house.


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  1. Betty says:

    Ha! Sounds like you just have to think about all the new stuff and the excitement is back. That office will let your creative juices flow.
    Hopefully you’ll show us pics of the new house when it’s finished.

  2. Broot says:

    Yay!! So exciting. I know it’s been a rough go but I’m excited (and jealous) for you!

  3. lessandra says:

    And I’m excited for you! How exciting to go from scratch to a whole house (okay maybe a year from now when, hopefully, everything is pretty much in order). Good luck on your move!