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Oh for Pete’s Sake.

Written By: Jenn - Nov• 23•10

I did it again. Scheduled the Haiku on the wrong date!!!!! I’ve got to stop doing 6 things at once…. eeeesh.

Ok, I took it down again, and since you saw it in your readers and showed up looking for it, here’s something else to entertain you!

Don’t you just love Flash Mobs?? I do, and I’m dying to participate in one JUST LIKE THIS:

I don’t mind telling you that I sang my part right along with these folks. I’m not religious, but this is one gorgeous piece of music, and I’ve done it before. Absolutely love it!



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  1. Nanka says:

    I was wondering why the prompt had come on a Tuesday. Since I had my Haiku ready, I went ahead and linked it. LOL :D Will be back tomorrow!! :)
    A beautiful musical piece that one, from the Flash Mob!! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  2. yogurt says:

    I just love the stunned, confused faces … and then the smiles of recognition.