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Written By: Jenn - Apr• 24•10

Found a horrifying note… I’m heartsick

My Teen has a friend that hails from a broken home, and I knew there were issues there with both parents, but until I found the note the Teen accidentally dropped on the floor I didn’t pay too much attention… I’m just heart broken for this young girl. I’m going to do another post on it shortly… stay tuned. [The post is now online here.]

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  1. I’m sure your heartsickness will help you to help this girl.
    .-= Magical Mystical Teacher´s last blog ..Shadow Shot Sunday: Are You? =-.

  2. Betty says:

    I think it was supposed to happen, you finding that note. I hope you can help her!
    .-= Betty´s last blog ..Six Word Saturday =-.

  3. Linda says:

    This is so sad. We had a similar situation when my kids were teens. They had a friend that didn’t feel loved. We considered adopting her…but that really wasn’t a choice. But we just made her feel like part of the family and gave her lots of love. She did survive and now is happily married with a family of her own. Hold on to hope for her…and try to give her some hope and love.

  4. Allison says:

    Your passion is so clear here! With tears I emplore you, You are Amy’s ardent agent!
    God’s speed!
    Blessings and thank you so much for sharing your post! A most important message, especially in today’s climate. So much changing and so little compassionates. Not that anyone wants to be so, it’s just that there is so much fear, our children (teens, and young adults) probably need some extra consideration! VERY amazing message for you to share. There is a lot of it going around. My fear is that it continues.
    My hope and love, as Linda says, is key! And all that you have shared helps more than you may ever know!
    I applaude you my dear!
    Thank you again!
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Six Word Saturday =-.

  5. Olivia says:

    God’s blessings on your help in this girls’ life. And happy 6WS.
    .-= Olivia´s last blog ..Pasta Salad For a Crowd =-.

  6. kathy says:

    Such a sad situation. I hope things work out for this young girl. So many people have NO business being parents, and apparently this poor girl had two of them for parents. It’s wonderful that she at least has friends who care–like you. Kathy
    .-= kathy´s last blog ..Six Word Saturday… =-.

  7. Thom says:

    You are the BOMB!!! I’ve left my comment on your other post :)
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..We’re Having a Birthday Party for Quilly =-.

  8. shakira says:

    I honestly think SHE IS CRYING FOR HELP.

  9. Ji says:

    read your post,
    I’m in tears!

    also 6 words.

    mine is up!