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Written By: Jenn - Jan• 21•10

Yesterday was a long, long day.

Wee One and I arrived at ShaMoo’s for babysitting duty in the early AM, because her youngest son was due at Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital for a serious procedure that morning, and I offered to stay with Princess Little Bit. I won’t go in to the whole thing – in fact, ShaMoo is due for a Guest Blogger spot soon, and maybe this could be her topic. I’ll ask.

Emotions were high, but ShaMoo was holding it together. I am very proud of my friend.

Frank #2 (of Frank and Frank fame, explained here) is such a trooper. This kid has been through so much already at 4 years old (this was the 3rd time he’s undergone this procedure) and it just doesn’t phase him. He’s an old soul, and a very brave little man.

I have to tell you that I was a little nervous about spending an entire day with Little Bit (Frank #1 was at a buddy’s house). In earlier days, it was next to impossible to even hold her without her having a melt down and looking for her mom. I knew she had outgrown this to some extent since she started toddling, but… for a whole day? Was I insane?? But this is what you do for a friend, right? Absolutely. ShaMoo is the best. So I didn’t think twice, and used my Wee One as a human shield. (hey, nobody’s perfect, ok??)

Honestly? It was great. I shouldn’t have been worried. Little Bit was a dream, and she and Wee One had a ball and enjoyed playing together. It’s not often that Wee One gets to be the “big kid”, and she thought that was pretty darn cool.

I spoke to ShaMoo just after they’d taken Frank #2 into the O.R., and she was holding up ok. They had him booked in for a 4 hour window. So when, after 5 hours, I didn’t hear anything… I have to tell you I was pretty freaked out. I ended up calling her cell a half hour later, and they had JUST taken him into recovery. They weren’t advised why they hadn’t heard anything either, and were just about hysterical. I can imagine! Poor little goomer. He was fine though – came through it like a champ! He’ll be home today.

LMLP and I were in constant contact during the day as I kept him updated. I was able to get online only for a couple of minutes, and updated Knarf too. These two sweethearts were as worried about Frank #2 and ShaMoo as I was, and I was under strict orders to give ShaMoo a hug from each of us on her return home, which I did, happily. She was exhausted, and fighting a migraine, but so happy and relieved things had gone well.

I had sent Wee One home with my folks earlier, so when ShaMoo got home I made a beeline for our rehearsal location. I was happy to be able to get in a few tunes with the boys before they decided they had had enough for the night – they’d been there for a couple hours already. Again, sweet of them to wait for me so I could sing for a bit. Our boys took me out for beer and nachos and then we headed home. Well, they had the beer, and I had the Sprite/Cranberry, because, well, beer is vile, and I was too tired to consider my usual Smirnoff’s Twisted Raspberry. It’s funny – we’re there so much now that the bar gal knows our preferences. And we get a kick out of seeing how much cleavage she shows by the end of the evening. LMLP swears he doesn’t notice, but we all know he’s lying, don’t we? Knarf is more honest about it ;) They both agree that she’s only trying to make a living. *cue eye rolling* We should probably ask her name one of these days, because currently she’s only referred to as “cleavage”. Probably a little disrespectful of us.

So guess what I found when I got home, late last night?

We broke a record yesterday for the amount of people participating in Silly Haiku Wednesday!

Colour me excited, folks. I’m grinning ear to ear! We have such a great group of dedicated Haiku-ers, and they’re bringing friends! Rock my world.

I’m a happy girl, for many many reasons.


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  1. quilly says:

    I said a prayer for Frank #2 and family.

    I am so sad I missed your record haiku day. Hopefully I’ll be there for the next record breaking ceremony.
    .-= quilly´s last blog ..Broiled, Roasted, Toasted =-.

    • Jenn says:

      Not a problem, Quilly! You have a lot on the go, and life comes first – always! We felt you there in spirit ;)

      Thanks re: Frank #2 – it was pretty emotional for all of us, and ShaMoo is a strong, strong lady. Not so sure I would have held up as well.

  2. Glad to hear everything has gone well and that you survived a day of baby sitting. Yay for the SHW record too!
    .-= Jade @ No Longer 25´s last blog ..Elevator Music =-.

  3. Sending strong, healthy and healing vibes for F#2. And congrats on your Haiku high!
    As for the Smirnoff’s Twisted Raspberry, must hear more!
    .-= phd in yogurtry´s last blog ..vent-a-thong =-.

  4. Thom says:

    WOOT – A record in Haikuing? YEAH, HOORAY and WAY TO GO!!! It’s a blast I must say, even if some of us don’t make them silly all the time ROFLMAO!!! I hope Frank #2 is doing well. You had quiet a day. Ya think you could give us a road map with all the people ya talk to in one post? LOL I’m so confused but beach boys get like that easily. :) Have a great day :)
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..What African Animal Are You?, New Airport Scanners, Women’s Ass Size Study and What a Bad Day Looks Like =-.

  5. RATS! I missed it. That’s it! I am at this moment BOOKMARKING your site. It’s the only way I get around to doing these things, especially on Wednesday. That’s the day that starts at 0515 and ends at 10pm…and the brief moments at home are consumed by feeding family.

    So, next time! And — you’re a good friend to stay with a toddler all day, and I know you just got stars in your crown for it!
    .-= southlakesmom´s last blog ..Random Dozen =-.

  6. ShaMoo says:

    Awwww, Jenn, you’re just the best; that’s all there is to it. Not many would have volunteered to stay with an energetic toddler for a full day, but man, it was so wonderful to be able to focus fully on Frank #2 and not worry about Little Bit or Frank #1.

    For the record, Frank #2 is doing very well, and is resting now. I’d be happy to do another guest spot on our “issues”….

  7. Nessa says:

    The haiku around the blog world are amazing.
    .-= Nessa´s last blog ..Reading Frenzy =-.