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So, Coke Brampton… what’s it going to be?

We’re there again, in contract negotiations between the union and Coca Cola. Thing is, for a while now, they’ve been telling clients calling in for orders that we’re “definitely going to be on strike”, so they should “stock up”. I guess we know what the company is planning. The last I heard about what they’re […]

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What a week!

This has been the strangest week for me. It started off as a continuation of the wretched one I had last week, and then just climbed steadily out of the darkness and up from there. I’m in such a good place now, and very much hoping that life will be somewhat boring for the foreseeable […]

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Review: Jersey Boys

As you know, my birthday anniversary was last week, and one of the gifts I received from my folks was tickets to see the Jersey Boys in Toronto, on July 28th. We were very much looking forward to a great meal at Moxie’s (our favourite chain restaurant) and an amazing show. Moxie’s was… disappointing. I […]

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