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Review: Jersey Boys

Written By: Jenn - Jul• 30•09

As you know, my birthday anniversary was last week, and one of the gifts I received from my folks was tickets to see the Jersey Boys in Toronto, on July 28th. We were very much looking forward to a great meal at Moxie’s (our favourite chain restaurant) and an amazing show.

Moxie’s was… disappointing. I don’t know if the place was having an off day, or if that particular location is just not maintained in the excellent Moxie’s standard (I suspect management issues), but we were very disappointed indeed. It occurs to me that it may only be busy due to the chain’s normally excellent reputation, and the Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts directly behind it, where the Jersey Boys are enjoying their year-long, packed-house-every-night run. Certainly I’d think twice about visiting again, after a burned appetizer, a botched and inedible steak (that I had been SO looking forward to all week), and a few other annoyances.

The Jersey Boys made up for our sour start to the evening though – what a great show!

We had fabulous seats – Dress circle (Balcony) dead center, front row. We were able to see every square inch of the stage, and didn’t have to crane our necks, unlike the scantily clad, bimbo-esque group of blondes in the front row who were attempting (and failing) to be a major distraction for the cast.

Oakville’s Jeff Madden was a fabulous choice as Frankie Valli, belting out songs over a 2½ octave range – as a singer I can tell you that is no easy task – flawlessly and every bit as good as the man he portrays 6 shows per week. The entire cast did a sterling job.

This is no show to bring kids to – the “F bomb” was dropped constantly in true Jersey fashion! It was raw, violent, and a pretty accurate account of the 4 so-called blue-collar (more like criminal) boys’ rise to fame. The audience laughed, cried, and was thoroughly entertained start to finish.

Two thumbs up – I highly recommend seeing Jersey Boys!

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  1. Frannie says:

    I had a similar experience at that same place not too long ago, and I know exactly what manager you mean. My friend had a bloody stump of a steak come out to her, and they couldn’t care less. The manager looked as her as though she couldn’t believe she was complaining and then just offered her a free dessert. We won’t go back there again if you had the same thing happen to you since it appears it was not a one time thing. it was the only moxies we had ever been to. guess we will stick to the outback or whatever from now on. :(

  2. Silver says:

    I know what you mean by the “scantily clad, bimbo-esque group of blondes…..distraction for the cast”. These ‘groupie typies’ seem to be the ones who seem to purposely buy the partial view tickets which is the first row from the stage in the centre orchestra. I’ve noticed it becoming more and more common at each performance I’ve seen (the latest being last week) and now they often cover parts of the first couple of rows in the centre orchestra. Actually it’s a pretty pathetic sight when you think about it; do they really think they have a chance with any of the performers or that any of the performers, even if they did notice them (which I seriouly doubt as they are professional actors and totally focused within their character and in the momemt), would want to involve theirselves with the blatant image or connotation that these persons convey. I almost expect at any performance now for one of them to throw a piece of paper on stage with their telephone number on it, but, then again, maybe they already have.

    I agree with you that Jeff Madden’s singing is absolutely spectacular and so pure; it seems to flow so effortlessly from tenor to falsetto and back, although I suspect it isn’t.
    The entire cast performs with such flawless perfection and the show is a joy to watch again and again.

    I have purposely avoided eating at Moxie’s as I read the reviews of this restaurant and none of them were favourable. I’ve really enjoyed dining at the Keg and particularly at Mezza Notte. The food has always been great; the staff very helpful and friendly and the service pretty quick, especially at Mezza Notte.