You know… that Blog?

My interview with Jade at Now that I’m No Longer 25

My lovely Scottish friend Jade asked me for an interview a while back for her “Blogger Interview” series on her blog (Now that I’m No Longer 25) , and it’s posted there today! Why this intelligent, well traveled, all-around amazing young woman would admire me is a mystery. I’m flattered that she asked, and hope […]

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Blogger comment peeve

I try hard to make a point of visiting everyone involved in any particular meme each week – sometimes (like the past couple weeks, when free time was a commodity I did not have) I fall short, and for that I apologize! I try to spend some quality time and really take in the meaning […]

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Moved the blog!

While I like Blogger, I wanted to be able to customize and tweak things that I just couldn’t do with their interface. I also decided I didn’t like the original name, either. So I decided to move it over to my own domain name. What do you think? Like it? It was a free WordPress […]

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