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My interview with Jade at Now that I’m No Longer 25

My lovely Scottish friend Jade asked me for an interview a while back for her “Blogger Interview” series on her blog (Now that I’m No Longer 25) , and it’s posted there today! Why this intelligent, well traveled, all-around amazing young woman would admire me is a mystery. I’m flattered that she asked, and hope […]

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An Interview With… Cate

This second installment of the “Interview With…” series is all about Cate (Show My Face), of 6 Word Saturday fame. I first “met” Cate early last year when I was a wet-behind-the-ears blogger looking for something to write about. I found her 6 Word Saturday meme on several blogs that I was following at the […]

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[New feature!] An Interview with… Thom

Along this journey of mine, in getting to know you all I’ve discovered that my readers and friends have more depth to them than a simple comment now and then can portray. This inspires me to delve deeper, and to that end I’ve decided to introduce a new “an Interview With…” feature. Let me know […]

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