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Happy Birthday Mom (and ARGH!!)

First, Sorry to the 3 lovely folks who stopped by for an early peek at TOMORROW’S Haiku – I really should not work so late at night. I set it to publish today instead of properly tomorrow. I’ve yanked it, and it will REpublish after midnight tonight. Sheeeesh. Now: Happy 64+1 birthday to my Mom! […]

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The art of bragging

Move over, Cake Boss…! I cannot tell you how proud I am of Doodle Cakes!!! My kick-butt, cake artist friend has just found herself featured in Cake Central Magazine‘s Wedding Issue!! What a coup this is for her! I am so excited I can’t contain myself!! I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use the […]

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A vision of hell

So that was fun. Not. As most of you know, I underwent PRK Advanced Custom Wavefront laser eye surgery last Monday. Following that has been, in all honesty, the week from hell. A quick [simplified] lesson in the differences between Lasik and PRK surgeries: With Lasik, there is a flap of tissue lifted on your […]

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