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Ooops I did it… AGAIN!?

How can I complain and carry on about my husband dissing anniversaries, when I can’t even manage to remember the one for my blog?? May 16th. MAY 16th. M.A.Y. 16. (I’m just trying to drill it into my thick skull) Can you believe I’ve done it twice now?? Colour me embarrassed… I guess I’ve been […]

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The Monsters I have created

Oh it has been a busy, busy few weeks, let me tell you. No really, let me tell you. Back in March, I set up a blog for the Main Street-ers to collaborate on. They’d been hanging around here for a while at that point, submitting haiku faithfully every Wednesday, and generally doing it just […]

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What a difference a couple of weeks make

2 Weeks ago, I introduced a petrified and tearful Wee One to her new swimming teacher, Kate. I was at my wit’s end trying to get her past her fear of water. Even though we have a pool in our back yard and she was in it all the time, she had zero trust in […]

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