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Greed, and Freecycle

Ever heard of Freecycle? It’s a wonderful world-wide phenomenon where you join groups local to you (unfortunately it’s via Yahoo Groups, which I’d rather avoid, but oh well) and post things that you no longer want, and would like to pass on to people who could use them. People who could give your things a […]

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Careful, anti-gay marriage folks…

I had to share this – it’s really too funny! A client of mine sent it to me (yes, my clients are awesome). Caution: a few areas make it NOT SAFE FOR WORK or young kids. It’s also a smidge too wide for my layout… sorry ’bout that! Enjoy. I did!   Have a super […]

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Postcards from the edge

The postal services around the world are taking a beating as we rely less and less on them and more on the internet and smart phones to get our letters, bills, and whatnot. Instant and essentially free, and a wonderful thing for the environment. It’s a shame though, really, because what is better than getting […]

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