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Toddlers and Tiaras. And Pedophiles. Oh My.

Written By: Jenn - Sep• 11•09

I’m going to switch gears for a minute and talk about something that has been bothering me for years.

For a long time I’ve found toddler beauty pageants disturbing. I can’t be the only person who clearly sees how destructive and, well, evil it is for these disgusting, socially retarded people to dress innocents up like Fake Tart Barbie, and parade them around for all to see.

As the mother of 2 beautiful, intelligent daughters, maybe this just hits a little too close to home for me. I cannot imagine loving my children so little that I would put them through something like this. It’s my job to protect my babies from the world and the pedophiles in it, not dress them up like fantasy creatures and throw them to the wolves – who are probably those involved in “judging” these pageants – so I can feel better about myself.

Did these mothers and father – – who are obviously living vicariously through their babies, not learn a single thing from the Jon Benet Ramsey tragedy? We all know that sad little girl’s story so I won’t belabor it here.

This morning as I was putting this post together I spent some time on YouTube, looking for videos to emphasize my words. I found a huge amount of commercialized videos that are supposed to be showing the “happy world of child beauty pageants”, but really just showed crazed mothers doing horrible things to their little girls, all of whom were uncomfortable and complaining about it, all in the name of their idea of beauty. What prepubescent child should be put through having her eyebrows shaved, hair viciously teased and ratted, her entire body, head to toe, spray painted with tanner, and her teeth bleached? What message does that give the child? That she isn’t pretty enough – not good enough – without having hours and hours of work done on a regular basis. That’s what.

I could go on and on, but this video sums up exactly how I feel about these women:

Momtards indeed! These disgusting, brainless bimbos should be jailed for what they have done and are doing to their children.

I cannot believe this show is on TLC. Exactly what are we supposed to learn from this travesty? That it’s ok to exploit children, and sexualize them by dressing them up like hookers? That it’s hunky-dorey to stress your toddler out, pressure and bully her to perform, and berate her when she fails? How about how it’s chic to try to relive your own failed dreams by channeling your miserable desires through your own child? Oh and let us not forget that these degenerates are also making money off the labors of their daughters.

This channel used to have integrity, but now they clearly only care about what gives them the biggest bang for the buck. I won’t allow my children to watch it anymore – we are officially boycotting TLC, which is a real shame, because there are some other great shows to be seen on that channel.

Shame on the parents, judges and supporters of this horrible, fake world. Bigger shame on the media for glorifying it.


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  1. ShaMoo says:

    I can’t say I see the draw with these toddler pageants either….they disturb me deeply. We don’t get TLC anymore but from what I keep hearing, it seems like it has become reality TV central (or the “Jon and Kate channel”??) What I find equally disturbing is the parents who pimp their children out to Disney (can anyone say “Miley Cyrus”??) only to have that huge conglomerate move on once the children are older and well on their way down the path of self-destruction. Looking at the train wrecks that are Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, etc., it amazes me that parents keep doing this; I suppose money is the ultimate motivator, eh?

  2. Doodle Cakes says:

    Yes….TLC has gone downhill..and fast…and don’t get me started on these beauty pageants..OMG…I LOVED what this lady had to stay..and 100% agree with her. That poor little girl having her hair curled and pulled and obviously, doesn’t NOT want to be there. I don’t get it. Dressing up your daughter like a Russian Hooker indeed! UGH! I don’t even let my 12 year old wear make-up…why would I put it on my 2 year old!
    .-= Doodle Cakes´s last blog ..Silly Haiku Wednesday =-.

  3. sweetie, i have BOYS but i am with you all the way….
    .-= cherie de castro´s last blog ..Skywatch =-.

  4. Jenn says:

    You know, I just watched some of that Chelsea Lately’s other bits… I just want to state here and now that she doesn’t speak for me in ALL THINGS ;) I definitely agree with her about the Toddlers and Tiaras 100% though.

  5. Thom says:

    Momtards isn’t the word I would use, but since I need to watch what I say, I’ll go with it. I have never understood why parents do this. Are they living through their child? It is a total waste of time and a down right insult on their intelligence. Well maybe not…maybe it displays exactly how stupid they really are. I have never watched TLC so I can’t say much about that, but I’ll take your word for it. I agree…spend their money on getting their tubes tied. Jon Benet – you would have thought these idiots would have learned something from you. May your tiara crap on their heads.
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..What Does Your Eye Color Say About You? and Some Jokes =-.

  6. I can not agree with you more! A friend and I were just talking about this the other day and how disgusting a practice this is. My almost 2 year old hates just having her hair put up, I cannot imagine subjecting her to something like this. She is a beautiful girl, but I will never exploit her just because I never got to be homecoming queen. Ugh. I agree, mothers should be arrested who put their children through this. It truly is sickening.

    And once Facebook quits being retarded I am sharing this blog with everyone on my friends list. I wonder if we caused enough of an uproar if they would take the show off the air.

    Kudos Jenn. Thank you for posting this.
    .-= Jessica @ Mental Vomit´s last blog ..Project 365 [Day 49] =-.

  7. Lynn Craig says:

    I agree -it is gross to the extreme!
    .-= Lynn Craig´s last blog ..S3xy Laundry =-.

  8. Quilly says:

    I don’t know how anybody could watch a child being prepared for a beauty pageant and see anything less than child abuse. This video said everything I would have said — although they used cleaner language.
    .-= Quilly´s last blog ..Adams Marshall Homes =-.