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Summer time food

Written By: Jenn - Jul• 25•13

As you can well imagine, I’m a bit turned off of just about everything right now due to the Coke nonsense we just went through. It’s over, the Hubby is back to work, and I’m not going to belabour the point. Suffice it to say I’m heading in a healthy healthier direction, and that doesn’t include soft drinks of any ilk.

Today my friend Angela turned me onto a blog (Weight Plates and Roller Skates) that she follows, and as it turns out, Blogger Laura’s latest post appeals to my healthier-summer-self. I especially like the thought of “Lettuce Tacos”, which you’ll find about half way down her post. I’m definitely trying them for dinner this weekend! Head on over to Laura’s blog to say “Hi”.


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  1. I love Laura’s blog. Lots of advice and encouragement for those of us trying to make a change. :)

  2. lm says:

    Everybody should do one act of goodness, to make up for the bitterness of the last couple of weeks.