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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Written By: Jenn - Feb• 02•11
Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Welcome to “Sensational Haiku Wednesday!”

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The basics:

Haiku is simple! It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively (a great way to use your fingers!)

This week’s theme is: Disclosure

      Disclosure? Perhaps…
      Not sure you can handle it
      But look in my eyes

      Choices made. No choice.
      Neither way ideal. Survive.
      Move on. Get over.

      Really want to know
      What I truly mean to you
      Enigma thriving

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Next week’s theme: Habits

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  1. Right up my alley, this theme. Happy Haiku Wednesday, Jenn. Hope you are keeping warm up there in the great cold country.

  2. Margo Benson says:

    So solemnly beautiful, Jenn. They feel like the answer is known inside but the disclosure is somthing final. Lovely haiku.

  3. jazzbumpa says:

    Sometimes answers are
    More enigmatic than the
    Brave questing questions.


  4. Amanda Moore says:

    personal and intense this week, hope you’re not snow bound!

  5. Madeleine says:

    Gritty stuff! :O)

  6. A real challenge this week Jenn!!

    Can you delete my first link? I accidentally linked to last week’s Haiku!

    I love the line “but look into my eyes”


  7. RiA says:

    Your poems are a great take on this!!

  8. ShaMoo says:

    Phew, just squeaked in!! Didn’t forget, honest…just been a crazy busy day :)

  9. Honestly, Jenn, your first set says it all (to me, at least): There aren’t many people who can handle full disclosure, not many at all.

  10. Lovely Annie says:

    Been out of the loop for a bit…perfect theme to get me back in!

  11. Nimue says:

    Always a pleasure read :)