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Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Written By: Jenn - Jul• 14•10
Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Welcome to “Sensational Haiku Wednesday!”

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The basics:

Haiku is simple! It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively (a great way to use your fingers!)

This week’s theme is: Chocolate

      On silent cat feet
      It stalks me. Targets my hips
      Pounces, and stays fast.

Next week’s theme: Aging – yeah, it’s “that” time again.

Note: Nothing makes me happier than to see new people getting “hooked on haiku”! Keep it going to make it to the Hooked on Haiku List

To participate in this week’s event, please use the following code in your post on your own blog (if you don’t have a blog, post your Haiku as a comment):


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  1. Thom says:

    ROFLMAO. Straight from the mirth to the hips. Might as well just put it on the hips first. LOL Love it. :)

  2. Knarf says:

    Something outside woke me up! I thought I’d try to do some haiku to put me back to sleep …I …think …it’s …working…zzzz.. Wait I’ve got to type them first ….okay ..done…

    Chocolate pudding;
    Chocolate brownies or cake,
    Yummy things I like.

    White Chocolate fudge;
    And dark chocolate bonbons;
    I cannot resist.

    Hot chocolate milk,
    With chocolate chip cookie,
    Make my bedtime snack.

    Nothing can compare,
    With the after dinner drink,
    ‘Bailey’s Irish cream’.

    Night all ….

  3. RiA says:

    Aint that the truth!!

  4. Jim says:

    Jenn, this one is cute that you wrote! I doubt you will find any readers or writers who don’t like chocolate! Enjoy the East (wherever that might be–if it is London you can look me up. I have the laptop). :)

  5. Nessa says:

    Thom, your typo was very funny. I thought you did it on purpose.

    Jenn, very funny. This is another reason chocolate is not one of my favorites.

  6. Is it really the chocolate or is it the cat? :-)

  7. Michelle says:

    I know! that sneaky chocolate!!!

  8. ShaMoo says:

    Jenn, I love it….great haiku!! Sigh, chocolate….is there a better topic?? Yum, yum, yum!!!! Here’s mine:

    An ode to chocolate:
    Oh chocolate, how I love thee
    Get in my belly!!!

    (It has more effect if the last line is spoken with a scottish accent a la Fat Ba*&ard from Austin Powers 2…..). Have a great day all….Jenn, have a great vacation!!


  9. All this talk of chocolate is making me hungry!
    Think I’ll need to raid the cupboard for some choc chip cookies.

  10. Melissa B. says:

    So, so true! Although I found my daughter’s Hershey’s bar last nite and scarfed it right up…

  11. Amanda Moore says:

    Jenn you hit the nail on the head here! It targets more than my hips tho!

  12. Broot says:

    my crush and delight,
    my passion and enjoyment,
    hated with fervor.

  13. Manny says:

    Is this an every Wednesday thing? I will have to stop by and contribute. Here’s one:

    But the squirrel liked
    the fallen, shiny acorns
    foggy once again

  14. Manny says:

    Oops, I didn’t notice the weekly theme of chocolate. Let me amend that poem:

    But the squirrel liked
    the fallen, shiny acorns
    vermin chocolate

  15. Cathy S. says:

    Dark and tart and sweet
    Lemon truffle silken smooth
    Best chocolate treat!

  16. PinkLady says:

    you’ve got great chocoholic haiku-ers this week, jenn!!! i enjoyed them all! =)

  17. Great Haiku! I didn’t participate this week. I hope to start participating again one day. Until then, I’m hit or miss…