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So, hypothetically…

Written By: Jenn - Jul• 12•10

He whispered, “Sweetheart?”

“Hrmnn..?” She moves a finger, and nothing else. For some reason, her eyes refuse to open. Damn dry eyes.

“I’m going out to get an oil change and run some errands. Made the appointment for the new windshield for tomorrow too.”

“…Mmmrhhhmmmmbye. ”

He says nothing, but doesn’t leave. She sighs and clears her throat. “Ok? And?” It’s muffled, because she’s speaking into her pillow.

“Well, if I were to go and, uhmmm… find something for $199.99 plus tax, in, maybe green…? Uh… exactly where in town would I need to do that? Exactly.”

She giggles, and gives him the names of 2 camera stores in the area.

My friend Saucy posted some pictures on Facebook a couple weeks ago [Edit: oh, and on her blog too – here] taken with a cool, inexpensive but very kicky water/shock/sand&dust/freeze-proof camera. It’s made by FujiFilm, and it’s exactly what I need for trips to the beach, and afternoons spent in the pool where I don’t want to risk my beloved Nikon. Just so happens we spend a lot of time in the pool, are planning a trip to the beach next week, and my birthday anniversary is imminent. Saucy has impeccable timing.

When I first saw her facebook pictures, I looked the camera up, drooled a little, and immediately posted this on the Hubby’s Wall on FB:

” Wondering what to get me for my birthday? – in Green! :) “

His response was, “Uh, Jenn? How many cameras do you need?”

(So I have a few cameras… Shut up.)

“Hon, what I don’t have is a wa-ter-proof camera. I want this camera, and I don’t really need anything else. Besides, you never know what to get me for my birth… errr anniversary, and I’ve given you the perfect idea. Why are you complaining?”

He couldn’t argue with that logic. I’m nothing if not logical.


Now, how do I deal with a teenager that suddenly decided that she “has to have a lip ring or she’ll just die“?

Sigh. Perhaps another post, for another time.

Note: this is NOT a paid post. However, if Fujifilm were to see this and WANT to compensate me for a review of their cameras (of which I own several; I’m a fan!) I would not be adverse to discussing it with them. Just sayin’. :)


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  1. ShaMoo says:

    Ahhh, he’s a good man, that hubby of yours!! Now I expect to see LOTS of underwater shots from your vacay, got it?? As for the teen and the lip ring….tell her that ShaMoo has a big smack upside the head waiting for her. You know, for what it’s worth. Sigh…good luck with that.

  2. Hey..this was a good post. I hope you get just what you wanted!
    Sounded logical reasoning to me! teehee

    Linda@ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Jim says:

    You deserve all those cameras, Jenn. You never know when something will come up for you to remember. OR TO PUT ON YOUR BLOG! Mrs. Jim just knows that is all my camera is good for.

    I am sorry about your friend in Ireland. We have been gone from Texas (where it has been raining a LOT) since June 29th and haven’t had any rain yet. We visited London for some days and then took a Baltic cruise for 11 days. Now back in London. It has been hot all over Europe here BUT NO RAIN.

    You can read about some of now at the link above and more will be coming.

    I hope your trip east is great!

  4. Betty says:

    I wish my hubs had a fb page! Perfect way to “hint” for a gift! LOVE the camera and hope you get it!! Happy early “anniversary”!!

  5. Nessa says:

    Lucky you. Your hubby is a sweetie.

    I may need to get me one of those cameras.

  6. quilly says:

    1.) I want a waterproof camera, too.

    2.) Tell her she can have the lip ring on her death bed.

    • Jenn says:

      ShaMoo gave her that smack upside the head tonight. It was awesome. I think the stupid-idea crisis has passed though. She’s not even pouting now!

  7. Is green your favorite color? It’s a close second for me…red all the way though. This is the camera I have:

  8. Sasha says:

    Oh and that camera is DROP PROOF as witnessed when J-Woww let it slip from her hands on the pool deck, in the parking lot at Tim’s, getting out of the car and from her backpack leaving exams. I lurrve durable!!