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Written By: Jenn - Jul• 11•10

I just read a couple posts from a frustrated friend and fellow blogger that got me thinking about what I’m doing here (less and less lately as it stands) and why.

Blogging started out for me, a little over a year ago now, as a way to get my writing energy focused into a specific medium. That’s maybe too simplistic an explanation, but… meh. I have always enjoyed writing, and I kept a journal throughout my teenage years and into the early years of marriage, where it more or less fizzled out. The journaling, that is, not the marriage! Writing out your thoughts and feelings is therapeutic, and having others read those thoughts and respond to them is gratifying to say the least. Blogging is a wonderful way to express yourself and connect with people you’d otherwise never come across. Such a phenomenal way to expand your horizons, and prevent becoming narrow minded.

There is an ebb and flow to blogging, as I’ve come to realize. I’m experiencing, along with my friend and many others as well, an “ebb”. Less energy spent on writing, fewer readers/commenters… I’m not panicking though. I love my readers – many of whom I now consider friends – and I know they’ll be back when the mood strikes. It’s summer (except where Betty, Broot, and a few of my other Central and South American, Kiwi and Aussie friends are concerned) and “real” life has to come before anything else. I understand and plan to embrace that concept more fully over the next couple of months! Not only do my hubby and kids deserve my attention, but I deserve the chance to unwind and enjoy my life.

I’m not “taking a break” per se, and will still be posting as the mood strikes, but for the summer at least, the only thing I will promise to keep up on faithfully is our Sensational Haiku Wednesday. A well-rested blogger is a must. Otherwise you’re never sure what drivel you’ll end up reading… and I don’t want to cringe when I go back and read posts that I can’t “take back”. You’re welcome. ;)

Oh, I got an email from J-B yesterday! He and his wife are in Ireland, and unfortunately their weather has been dismal – cold and rain for the most part. However, they’re in the midst of a massive family reunion, and any time you get Irish and/or Scottish folks in a crowd (and they have plenty of both) things are bound to be… “spirited”. They are heading to Scotland in a few days for the second half of their vacation. I’m sure they’re having a wonderful time and we’ll get the full story when he returns in a few weeks. It was so great to get word from him though – we haven’t been apart for more than a week in almost a year… Knarf, ShaMoo and I miss him like crazy, and can’t wait for him to come home to us!!

My friends, I find that I’m on the verge of that drivel I mentioned earlier, so I’m going to end here, and go for a swim. Have an absolutely wonderful day!

My foot, contemplating a swim


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  1. quilly says:

    I would love some warm sunshine and a swimming pool.

  2. Thom says:

    Love the toes!! We as you know all go through that. Right now I’m going through the meme phase. Do I really want to do them? Same old questions same old sarcasm. Pfft. But I go on and we prevail. You know I’m getting more to liking Facebook. I’m glad your not going to stop with SHW one of my favs. How’s that for kissing ass. LOL. Enjoy the swim. Hope your red toes don’t turn green. :)~

  3. Betty says:

    Thanks for linking to me! I totally get that blogging comes in “spurts”. Even though it´s winter here, somehow my blogging energy has been lacking as well. Like you said, life comes first and right now, I need to focus on that.
    Thanks for your birthday wish and have a good time on your trip!

  4. Broot says:

    (hugs) I figured it was something like that. Resting is important – it’s kinda like a relationship – if you’re always together you have nothing to talk about. But if you spend some time doing things apart, when you’re together you have lots of things to talk about.

    Thanks for linking to me again (you’re so good!) I’ll keep checking in on Wednesdays! :)

  5. Is that your swimming pool? For real? So jealous!