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Weekend Funnies

Written By: Jenn - Apr• 09•10

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Things to do when you’re bored

  • Blink your eyes like crazy for several seconds and then close them really tight and watch the light show
    (Amusement Factor: 1 out of 5)

  • Try to not think about llamas. Bet you can’t do it. See?
    (Amusement Factor: 1 out of 5)

  • Use your secret mind power. Start willing the people around you to do something, like drop a pen or laugh. Eventually it’s going to happen, so keep trying.
    (Amusement Factor: 3 out of 5)

  • Scratch yourself
    (Amusement Factor: 4 out of 5, but just for guys)

  • Rate passers by. Best done with your best friend, whilst sitting in a coffee shop or at an outdoor patio over cocktails. Give marks out of 10 for style, hair, looks, etc.
    (Amusement Factor: 5 out of 5)

  • Repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning. You’d have to be really really bored for this one.
    (Amusement Factor: 1 out of 5)

  • Make Star Trek door noises as you go through automagic doors over and over.
    (Amusement Factor: 3 out of 5… more if you’re a Trekkie. Right ShaMoo?)


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  1. Thom says:

    Scratch yourself. LOL Too funny. And the llamas I love it. Well done on all of these. :) Very funny my friend :)
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..April’s Photo Contest – Now Open For Voting =-.

  2. Betty says:

    Rate passers by. That´s for me. I would love to do that with a girlfriend in a coffee shop.
    This weekend seems to be pretty boring, I wonder it I´ll try one of these…. :)
    .-= Betty´s last blog ..Friday Fragments =-.

  3. ShaMoo says:

    Hmmmm, I do all of those on a regular basis…what does that say about how boring my life is?!? Even the boys use “the force” to open automatic doors…I nearly peed my pants the first time they did that :) Have a good weekend!

  4. shakira says:

    Ha ha ha… I think I did a couple of those when I was hanging out at shopping mall waiting for my kids.I must have been really bored!Scratching yourself? LOL
    Very well done, Jenn!
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Tortuga says:

    What does it mean if I do half that stuff already even when I’m NOT bored?
    .-= Tortuga´s last blog ..They’re All Winners To Me!!!! =-.