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Coca Cola Brampton Lock Out/Strike Continues

Not surprising; the Coca Cola negotiation team all spent the long weekend with their own families while our families were fragmented as workers manned the picket lines. That’s ok though! They were where they needed to be. You see, we’re not doing this so we can get rich, live in multi-million dollar homes, and enjoy […]

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Welcome, Immigrants!

Dear new immigrant, Welcome to Canada! No, I’m not being facetious, I truly mean that. Welcome! Canada is called a “melting pot” for a reason; most of us are immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants. Our acceptance of people looking for a new life is world-renowned, and makes Canada the most wonderful place to live. […]

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TEAM CANADA TAKES THE GOLD!!!!!!! Image © Both the Men’s and Women’s hockey teams took Gold! WOW!!! SO VERY PROUD of our phenomenal Olympic athletes and their amazing performances at these Olympics, hosted by us in Vancouver. Canada actually took the most gold medals with 14, which breaks the record for most golds taken […]

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