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Mobile Browser: ACTIVATE!

So, a while back The Other Jenn told me about Jetpack for WordPress. Things had been working well for me for the most part so I hadn’t actively sought out new plugins for the ol’ blog for a while, and this was news to me. I tried it, and WOW! I really like it! There […]

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Dear Bloggers

Oh my dear blog friends, I know I have harped and harped on this subject until I’m blue (or at least somewhat red) in the face, and for the past couple of years, but it’s doing very little good so far. So I should probably just shut up about it, right? Well, as I suspect […]

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Blog Tools – for writers and readers

Now that I’ve been blogging for a while, I’ve discovered some pretty marvelous tools that I use on a regular basis. I find they help me out in a big way, or I just really enjoy using them. Let’s talk about them, shall we? I know you have some that I don’t use, and maybe […]

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