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Written By: Jenn - Jun• 21•12

“What!? Jenn posted! And it’s not a haiku!”

Yeah, I know. I’ve been posting nothing but haiku for the longest time, with one or two weak posts mixed in just because I felt so guilty that I wasn’t “keeping up my end” of things as a blogger. Ok, “guilty” may be too strong a word. I don’t actually have any of those bones in this here bod. Although if it’s a really HEAVY bone, maybe I do, and that would explain a few things! Ha, no such luck. *sigh*

Hey, did you know I have followers I didn’t even know about??? Well, if you are one, I guess you did. Silly question. One of them even haiku-ed last week – Hi Jennifer at Mommy Y!! Thanks for letting me know! Gave me quite the warm fuzzy to know people out there actually care what I have to say. I do apologize to you, however, for the lack of interesting posts (haiku not included, natch) this last while.

So what’s new? Well, we’ve been pushed back with our new house. Again. This isn’t the first time. Or the second. It’s the third. Our firm closure date was to be August 9th, and we just received our push notice of an additional 6 weeks, pushing us to September 20th. I’m soooo fed up. This whole experience has soured us on ever buying a new build again. Oh sure, we know that the final build will be spectacular, but this whole process has been a nightmare so far, and having to deal with “Silvia” at Decor/Head Office has been nothing short of hell. On wheels.

The single bright light is that we’re now pushed into the “compensation” period, where they must pay us a substantial amount per day after the firm closure date, until we have the key in hand. That bright light is wavering though; there’s a cap on that compensation, and if they reach it, what further motivation will they have to get it done as soon as they can? This is my big concern. Our lives are essentially on hold until we can get in there and make it a home. Waiting? Not a fan. In fact, one of the worst things you can do to me is make me wait. We bought this place a year ago FEBRUARY, expecting to be in before Christmas 2011. We were told that we’d most likely be delayed a smidge, so we had it in our heads that we’d be in by April, but that didn’t happen either. Now the so-called “firm” date is going to come and go… argh! Seriously? Well, they certainly won’t be earning the “Builder of the Year” title again this year. I can’t even get in to take pictures anymore, because they have 24/7 security on site now.

Know what the worst part of this is? Besides being in limbo for so long, that is. It’s quelling the urge to SHOP. I have so many decor ideas, and I keep seeing so many wonderful things that would be PERFECT (in my head, anyway), but I can’t buy any of it because it’s still months to go before we’re in. Ok, alright, fine, I admit I’ve got a growing pile of boxes in my hallway that I’ve been accumulating. My point is that it could be a substantially bigger pile, but I’m holding myself in check. If you’ve been around a while, you know that just doesn’t work for very long. There’s a pressure building, and something’s got to give… and soon.

What will go first? Bank account or sanity?

Oh, I’ve also taken up a new sport. It’s called “Water Cannon the Chipmunk”. A sport the whole family can enjoy!

Have I expressed just how much I loathe chipmunks? Yes, I have. Well guess what? The little buggers have quadrupled since last summer, and now they’re taking over the rest of the property, and seem to enjoy sitting in the Serviceberry trees outside my home office where they can watch me through the window as they drive me insane with their incessant chirping. The dog and cat? They sit and watch them walk by – sometimes within a foot of them. So I’ve taken to jumping up and darting out the door when I hear one chirp for longer than 10 seconds. I grab the hose that I have set up right by the door. The hose is left on at its maximum pressure setting. At the end of the hose is a fabulous power nozzle fitting that packs a wollop. Go ahead. Chirp. I dare you.

The Hubby sat and watched – in hysterics – as I knocked one particularly cheeky chipmunk right off a branch yesterday. I wish he’d got it on video, but he was too busy laughing.

It appears to be working, and I’m proving that it is possible to train a chipmunk population. At the very least, I’ve got a whole set of neurotic, nervous creatures living within range of my wrath hose.

Silence is Golden.


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  1. ROFL! Our new home has a pair of squirrels, at least I think it’s a pair, I’ve only ever seen 2 at a time, that play in the trees in our front yard. My son has dubbed them “Steve” and “George” but I wager one’s a female. Paka goes nuts when she sees them, but they’re cute. They don’t chatter, so they’re not annoying. I don’t think I could do chirping ‘munks though, I’d definitely need a cannon.

    • Jenn says:

      We have some black squirrels, and a family of tiny red squirrels too, but none of them cause any problems at all. The chipmunks are horrid though – I’ve lost any warm fuzzy feelings I ever had for them!! I only wish my cannon was even more powerful.

  2. Karen says:

    Awww…how can you not like chipmunks? They are so cute, and yep, I like squirrels too. I feed them. But then I also like the little field mice that scurry around as well. It’s the ferral cats that get the hosedown at my place. I don’t want them to eat the little critters ;)

    • Jenn says:

      You sit here in my office for a couple days (sans cannon) and see if you feel any differently after that ;) Or even spend one night in my house and get awakened at 4am. I swear the little monsters press their faces against the window panes.

  3. Broot says:

    LOL And for years later, the chipmunks will give the house a wide berth. They won’t remember why. They’ll just have it in their head that to go near that house brings an unspeakable evil upon them. You shall be part of Chipmunk legend forever.

  4. Unless chipmunks think you’re providing them with a lovely sprinkler, not unlike city dwellers who turn on the fire hydrants to cool off.

    It really is hard wrapping my head around chipmunks losing their charm. Not unlike the cute little bunny rabbits who eat away at my husband’s landscaping efforts. He uses a cute little pellet gun to ward them off.

    Regarding your sporadic postings, I’m mostly glad it isn’t just me. Helps me let go of my guilt.

    • Jenn says:

      You’re at least better at visiting than I am! I’m a terrible blog-buddy these days. I see you on Facebook anyway, so I don’t have to miss your blog posts! ;)

  5. Melissa B. says:

    I can soooooo relate to all of this. Except, of course, for the chipmunks. Happen to be my favorite kind of rodent! Glad to be back here. I took the long way around, but I finally did it!!

  6. JazzBumpa says:

    Chipmunk water cannon — Priceless.

    And, though we seldom have to put up with the racket, my lovely wife shares your disdain for yard rodents of any stripe.

    I, on the other hand, am quite fond of the toads I find in the yard. Near as I can tell, there is no way they qualify as vermin.


    • Jenn says:

      I love the toads and frogs we have here – my only nemesis is the striped menace! We love to listen to the croaking from the creek and pond every night :)

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hi back at ya! Sorry to hear about all the waiting! Waiting is so hard. Hopefully in time it will all be worth it! As to chipmunks… for the first time in 10 years ours appear to be gone! We had 6 hawks in the neighborhood last year and I think they ate everything, then moved. Now the bunnies are back with a vengeance and in my garden. I miss the hawks!

    I’m enjoying your blog immensely. I do especially love the Haiku Wednesday posts. I’ve found so many fantastic bloggers out there through your Wednesday linky. It’s really a great opportunity!